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Homeowner Guide for Standard Countertop Heights for Bars, Kitchen Islands, and More

Standard Countertop HeightsIf you’re planning your first major remodel or complete renovation, chances are you don’t even realize how much you don’t know. While it’s certainly fun to set up a mood board and start finding cabinets, kitchen countertops, and hardware you love, the devil is in the details.

For one thing, you may not realize that there are standard countertop heights and they vary depending on the location and the purpose of the kitchen countertop. You’ll quickly realize this when you look into cabinets and discover a range of heights to choose from.


Contrasting Kitchen Island Countertop Options for You to Consider

Contrasting Kitchen Island Countertop OptionsA full kitchen renovation can be daunting for any homeowner, with weeks or months of living in a construction zone and the many design decisions you have to make. Even selecting new countertops for a cosmetic update can seem overwhelming because of the wide range of materials, colors, patterns, finishes, and edge designs to choose from.


Trending Natural Stone Fireplace Ideas for 2023

Trending Natural Stone Fireplace Ideas for 2023For some homeowners, a fireplace is a luxury item that creates a stunning centerpiece for the family room. For others, it serves as a very real and practical source of heat during the cold winter months.

Fireplaces may burn wood or run on gas or electricity. Some are merely decorative, giving off no heat but helping to create a cozy ambiance. Whether your fireplace is functional or cosmetic, it can be an attractive feature not only for prospective buyers down the line but also as the focal point of your interior design.


How to Select the Right Quartz Fireplace Surrounds for Your Connecticut Home

Right Quartz Fireplace

You might have heard that quartz isn’t as heat-resistant as natural stone. While this is true, it can still withstand high temperatures, including the ambient heat from a fireplace. It also offers a slew of additional benefits; crushed quartz bonded with resins is not only strong and durable but also nonporous, and it never needs to be sealed, unlike natural stone varieties. … MORE