I Want to Buy New York Marble Countertops — Where do I Begin?

New York Marble Countertops

New York has long been known as a haven of high style, whether in reference to fashion or interior design. When it comes to remodeling, any homeowner might aspire to develop a personal style reminiscent of the finest residences in the state.

Maybe you’re looking to fully gut and renovate a kitchen or en suite bathroom, adding incredible value to your home. Or perhaps your cabinets are in great shape and feature a timeless design, in which case new kitchen countertops and fixtures could be enough to update your interior design.

Either way, you’ll want all the beauty and refinement of elements that speak to a chic New York style, including luxurious marble countertops. Before you start construction, however, there are a few details to attend to.

Understand the Benefits and Limitations of the Stone

Marble comes in a wide range of colors and veining patterns. One of the defining characteristics of marble, particularly lighter shades, is the ethereal luminosity that makes it appear as though it has an inner glow.

The Calacatta Gold marble featured on the island and perimeter countertops of this transitional Hamptons kitchen shows how bright and inviting a kitchen can be when you choose white marble, even if you pair it with darker elements like a gray subway tile backsplash and an island base in walnut.

Marble is strong and durable, like any natural stone counter material, but it’s on the softer side, which means it could be more susceptible to staining. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and sealing do a lot to prevent harm, but if you’re worried, you could always choose a darker variety.

mitered edge countertops in Rye, NY

Account for Placement

Before choosing the perfect marble, you might want to consider where you will place it. A white marble variety, for example, is ideal for a soothing, spa-like bathroom, while a black marble is truly striking for kitchen countertops, especially when you choose a book-matched, full-height backsplash.

It’s important to think about both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your marble selection, particularly when it comes to placement and usage.

That said, you could have a little more fun with certain locations, such as a marble fireplace surround. The Empress Green marble used for the fireplace surround and hearth in this traditional New York living room contrasts beautifully against the corbels and mantel in bright white and the warm wood flooring.

It’s not a counter surface, but it gives you an idea of what’s possible if you care to stray from a neutral palette.

Consider Color and Pattern

When choosing marble countertops, color and pattern are important aspects of creating a design that’s cohesive and reflects your personality. It’s easy to get caught up in trends or get stuck in the mindset of choosing only neutrals for the purpose of eventual resale.

However, you have to live in your home, so it’s always best to select materials that elicit feelings of joy and comfort.

If choosing a colored marble makes you nervous, but you still want to make a bold statement, you can always opt for a neutral hue with a high variation pattern or even some color in the veining.

You could go with a highly fragmented variety like Corchia marble, which has something of a blue cheese effect, or a Lilac marble, featuring sharp, crosshatch veining in purple hues.

You might even consider a bold panda marble, like the waterfall island, perimeter counters, and backsplash in this contemporary kitchen. Even though it contains only neutral hues, the sharp contrast of swaths of black against the white background makes a big impression.

Look at Different Finish Options

When choosing marble for your counter surfaces, keep in mind that the finish you select can make a big difference in the final appearance of your counter. These days, a matte finish (leathered, honed, antique, etc.) is often employed to give the upscale stone a more casual vibe. It’s particularly popular with darker stone varieties.

How to Match a Countertop to the BacksplashThink About Other Design Elements

The countertop is often the star of the show in kitchen and bathroom spaces, which is why people often select a countertop material first. However, you still want to create a cohesive space, which means choosing elements like flooring, cabinets, counters, and backsplash materials that are complementary.

Hardware and fixtures can come later, but nailing down the major design elements and making sure they’re harmonious is crucial.

Consult with Experienced Professionals

Whether you have a fair notion of what you want for your home upgrade or you’re starting from square one, experienced design professionals can help you better understand the process and collaborate with you to find the materials that best suit your space and your personal preferences.

If you’re ready to start looking at marble countertop samples or slabs, stop by the Academy Marble showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, to speak with a friendly and experienced team member.