5 New York Countertops that Boast Durability and Design

5 New York CountertopsThere are few places in the U.S. — and indeed, the world — where cutting-edge design is more important than New York City. Whatever is trending in this upscale metropolis trickles down to other markets, and that holds not only for fashion but also for interior design.

If you’re looking to upgrade your living spaces with materials that deliver not only function and durability but also breathtaking aesthetics, New York kitchen and bathroom countertop trends offer the best additions to your mood board.

What are the most popular trending New York countertops, and how can you incorporate them into your home? Here are a few kitchen countertops that are sure to take your remodel to the next level.


Bright White with a Trendy Twist

Tonal white kitchens and black-and-white motifs never really go out of style, but the former can feel a bit bland, while the latter may be too high-contrast for your taste. This modern New York kitchen strikes the perfect balance with a combination of white and gray hues that delivers visual interest with contemporary appeal.

Countertops in what looks to be bright white quartz are paired with graphite lower cabinets and white uppers, as well as a fun, patterned backsplash tile in white and gray that perfectly transitions between high and low planes.

Quartz countertops are an incredibly functional addition to busy households, thanks to its resistance to scratching, staining, and other damage. It’s also a nonporous surface that’s hygienic, food safe, and easy to clean with a standard all-purpose household cleanser. In terms of function and aesthetic appeal, it’s hard to imagine a better product.slab backsplash in new york kitchen

Industrial Farmhouse Fresh

When you think of industrial design, glass and metal materials probably come to mind. Farmhouse style, on the other hand, evokes images of rustic wood and other natural elements. How can you put the two together in a way that feels fresh?

This modern industrial farmhouse kitchen does a masterful job with a combination of traditional and current materials that create a cohesive design. Rich, heavy-grained wood cabinets complement paler wood flooring and functional and decorative beams, while massive dome pendants and upper cabinets in glass with black frames add industrial flair.

Pulling it all together is the countertop material, likely in quartz, that drapes the perimeter and waterfall island in a gray, concrete look that lacks the heaviness of actual concrete. The overall effect is chic and luxurious, with plenty of livable warmth.

Luxury with Longevity

Granite is among the strongest natural stone surfaces you can select for countertops, with a Mohs’ hardness rating of 6 to 7. It is also resistant to heat, staining, scratching, etching, chipping, cracking, and UV fading, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This Manhattan craftsman kitchen shows the level of luxury that granite can add to your kitchen space. The countertop in what appears to be Absolute Black not only alleviates worries about stains but also brings a level of sophistication to the design, particularly when paired with warm wood cabinets, a subway tile backsplash in pale gray, and paint in a trendy gray-blue hue.

The granite surface also adds function to this kitchen by extending across the pass-through to create an overhang for extra seating.

Quartzite and Quartz

Modern Maximalism New York Countertops

Everything old becomes new again. Currently, this means a departure from the minimalist designs that dominated the last couple of decades and a move toward reviving the maximalism of the Victorian era.

This contemporary New York powder room is a great example of the style, with a metallic wallpaper in geometric print; a busy, patterned floor tile; gold hardware and fixtures; a unique, gray toilet; and a vanity top in concrete with a gold base.

While concrete might feel a bit too heavy and industrial for your aesthetic, you could achieve a similar style with modern porcelain. With a material that’s more refined than ceramic and fired at higher temperatures, you’ll enjoy a low-porosity surface that’s incredibly strong and comes in a wide range of design options.

An Island Paradise

A large New York kitchen space can feel cavernous, especially when you choose a tonal design with white cabinets and countertops.

To break up the space in this East Hills transitional kitchen, designers opted to include a massive statement waterfall island in dark Danby marble to contrast with the sea of white cabinets, weathered wood flooring, and white and gray perimeter countertops. The island not only acts as a focal point but also adds functional storage and prep space, as well as eat-in appeal, thanks to added seating.


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