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New York Countertops to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Design

Quartz in New York Kitchens

New York fashion isn’t just about what people are wearing on the street or where they go to eat. It’s baked into the very fabric of this bustling metropolis, creating innovative designs that can inspire even your kitchen to remodel. Here are a few current countertop trends you might want to incorporate in your next home upgrade project. Here is all you need to know about New York countertops.


Why You Need Mitered Edge Countertops for Your Modern Kitchen?

mitered edge rye, NY

Just by calling out certain design elements, it’s not difficult to tell which era a kitchen came from. For example, if you see appliances in avocado green or harvest gold, it’s a good bet they’ve been in operation since the ‘60s or ‘70s (which is both impressive and a little frightening). If countertops are ceramic tile, the kitchen design likely dates back to the ‘80s. … MORE

The Recent Trends for Your New York Kitchen Renovation

New York kitchenNew York kitchens are among the most beautiful and trendsetting in the world, but like any home interior, they become outdated over time. If you’re ready for an upgrade that pairs practical innovation with modern aesthetics, there are several timely trends you might want to take advantage of. Here are a few to add to your renovation checklist. … MORE

Fantasy Brown Marble: Beauty and Functionality

There’s been a lot of contention over whether Fantasy Brown is granite, marble, or quartzite. While it features the river-like striations and soft coloration of marble or quartzite, you can’t discount the hardness of the stone, which is more in line with marble. … MORE