Selection, Fabrication and Installation – 7 Days or Less!

It’s by design that we import, fabricate and install natural stone surfaces. As a one stop shop for kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds and other home remodeling projects, our customers can experience a quick and seamless process from design to installation. Whether remodeling your home or managing new construction, our team of experienced stone fabricators and installers work with you during each step along the way to deliver stone masterpieces that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Material Selection

It all starts with the selecting the right surface for your design project. While many of our clients know exactly what they want, others need guidance in selecting the right surface that meets their specific needs, lifestyle and aesthetic, whether that’s a natural stone, such as quartzite, or marble, or an engineered surface like quartz. We’re here to help.

Offering one of the area’s largest selections of natural stone and some of the most well-respected brands of engineered surfaces, including Caesarstone®, Cambria®, Consentino® and Alleanza Quartz®, our experts work with you to select the best surface for your project and budget. If you’re looking for a uniform appearance, engineered stone will be the way to go as these slabs lack the unique color and pattern variations that natural stone offers.

Should you prefer the one-of-a-kind look of marble, quartzite or marble, we’ll schedule an appointment at one of our marble warehouses in Rye, NY or Bethel, CT to select the exact slab for your project. With no two natural slabs alike, together we’ll locate the perfect slab that offers you the right amount of “movement” and the desired variation in natural color, making your design a truly custom piece.

Custom Stone Fabrication

Everything we do at Academy Marble is executed in house so that you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of working with a single provider and that includes both residential and commercial fabrication. After you make your material selection, we’ll start a meticulous step by step process to craft a surface of unmatched precision and beauty:

Step 1: Digital Measurements

Our template department will schedule a job site appointment to take digital measurements of your project area. Our digital measuring method insures the highest level of accuracy that’s not attainable from traditional methods.

Step 2: Digital Drawing

The template is then turned over to our CAD (computer-aided design) department who will produce a digital drawing of your project.

Step 3: High Definition Photography

We take a high definition photo of the stone you've chosen to capture every unique natural feature. Once photographed, your stone is barcoded with all of your project information.

Step 4: 3-D CAD Rendering

Our CAD team then merges your digital template with the high definition photo. This process enables us to show you how your final countertop will look installed even before your slab is cut. Once you approve the 3-D layout, we can start processing your stone.

Step 5: Marble Fabrication

We’ve spent years perfecting our processes and investing in technology to provide only the best for our customers. Our state of the art water jet machine cuts your stone utilizing an automated program to insure maximum precision. Once it has been cut, the stone is transferred to an edge profile machine where the edge of your selection is applied. It’s this investment in industry-leading technology combined with the artful craftsmanship of our skilled fabricators that produces a stone masterpiece ready for installation.

Delivery and Installation

Prior to installation, our team will work with you to make sure the project area is prepped properly so that installation is as quick and smooth as possible. Before our installation team arrives, we will have reviewed what responsibilities are yours and which ones we will manage. Working together, we’ll make the process easier for the installers so that you can start enjoying your investment!