Luxurious Porcelain Countertops for Your Kitchen, Bathrooms and More

Porcelain countertops have recently become a popular countertop material used in residential and commercial interior design. Take note, this is not the same square, porcelain tile you may remember. Thanks to advances in inkjet production technologies, this material has been completely redesigned in terms of aesthetics and composition and is quickly becoming an optimum countertop choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

This engineered stone is manufactured from kaolinite clay. The minerals found in this clay include silica, mineral oxides and feldspars and give porcelain its color and hardness. The clay is baked in temperatures that reach up to 2,500 degrees. After it cools, the clay then hardens into a highly compact, dense surface.   

Why Porcelain? 

The sky is the limit when it comes to porcelain. This surface comes in an array of stunning colors, textures and designs that range from bold reds, greens and blues to classic colors that mimic the look of natural stone, complete with veins and luminescent flecks. It is also available in polished and unpolished finishes, depending on your style preference. Although, you will not find as many finish options that are available for natural stone surfaces. 

Porcelain is a great alternative for the discerning homeowner who lusts over the look of marble but needs a hard surface that holds up to everyday wear and tear. This material is actually 30% harder than granite and oftentimes quartz, so you can rest assure when it comes to durability. 

Similar to engineered quartz stone, it is also non-porous, heat and stain-resistant and designed to last. For chefs and foodies, its non-porous nature also makes it safe for food preparation and easy to clean. When fabricated and installed correctly, porcelain has the endurance to last a lifetime and is a long-term investment in your home. 

If you or your client is a perfectionist when it comes to their home, you’ll enjoy this feature: Porcelain comes in slabs so large that fewer seams are typically needed. In fact, porcelain slabs can be as large as 126 inches X 62 inches (compared to granite that is 114 inches X 58 inches on average), so more countertop surface is covered. 

In addition, porcelain is considered a “green” countertop surface. Down the road, if or when you want to replace your porcelain countertops, they can be recycled, making porcelain a home upgrade you can feel environmentally good about incorporating into your home. 

Porcelain Countertop Maintenance 

If you’re a homeowner with a busy, high-trafficked kitchen, this may be the countertop choice for you! Porcelain is a low-maintenance countertop option. Everyday cleaning is simple no special cleaning products required. You can wipe up stains and spills using a household cleaner or simple soap and water. This surface is also resistant to detergent and chemicals, so you do not run the risk of damaging the surface with a harsh cleaner. 

Porcelain is also a great option for its versatility, in not only design but application. Because of its hard, durable nature, porcelain can be used virtually everywhere and is even suitable for outdoor applications, such as in outdoor kitchens, dining or bar areas. This UV-resistant engineered surface is both heat and frost-tolerant, making it a solid choice for homes that experience extreme winters or summers. 

Expertly Cut and Installed 

Porcelain slabs are uniform, which means that you can choose your color online or order a sample and will get an exact match. Unlike natural stone, such as granite, marble and quartzite, porcelain does not vary between each slab. At Academy Marble & Granite, we partner with leading porcelain suppliers from around the world to bring you the very best countertop surfaces. Although the majority of porcelain is imported from Spain and Europe, more U.S. suppliers are hitting the market as this surface continues to grow in demand.  

Hiring a skilled fabricator is key if you choose porcelain countertops for your home project. Although this material is an extremely durable, hard surface, it is very fragile during the fabrication process and is prone to chipping and cracking. This challenge is due to how thin the slabs are. Finding an expert fabricator who has plenty of experience working with this delicate product is vital for your new countertops. 

Another advantage of installing porcelain: unlike most natural stone surfaces, after your porcelain slab goes through the fabrication and installation process, it does not need to be sealed or sealed for future maintenance purposes. 

Partner with an Expert Porcelain Fabricator in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY

With it comes to porcelain countertop fabrication and installation, it is to your advantage to partner with an expert in the field. If you are in the Fairfield County, Connecticut or Westchester, New York areas, we’d love to help you with your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us today or request a free quote

Types of Porcelain Countertops

Below is a small sampling of our most popular porcelain countertop slabs from leading suppliers.  

Dekton Aura Countertops
Dekton Sirius Countertops
Dekton Trillium Countertops
Dekton Entzo Countertops
Kira Porcelain Countertops
Korso Porcelain Countertops