Marble bathroom countertops and shower surround
Bathroom Surround Services

Bathroom Surround Services

There are so many styles and materials to choose from that it’s easier than ever to create a home customized to your style. When you’re building a new house or improving your existing home, a lot of thought goes into selecting materials.

For a bathroom shower surround in Greenwich, CT, consider the timeless luxury of marble from Academy Marble. Some homeowners automatically shy away from marble because of the cost, but when considering the added value, marble may not be as expensive as you think.

What Is a Tub and Shower Surround?

The “surround” refers to the area around your bathtub or shower. It encompasses the exterior of the shower and can be made from many different non-porous materials.

There are many places where you can cut costs in building, but the shower surround shouldn’t be one of them. At first glance, it may seem that a surround is only aesthetic. As long as it looks good, what else matters? Depending on the size of your shower, a surround certainly can take up a lot of wall space, but surrounds are also functional.

The surround protects the wall behind it from moisture, which is why the material covering the surround should be non-porous. A non-porous material like marble prevents water from seeping into the wall and potentially causing structural damage.

5 Reasons to Choose Marble for Your Bathroom Shower Surround, Greenwich, CT

Marble is an investment in your home’s comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It’s the perfect material for a bathroom surround because it holds warm temperatures more efficiently than other surround materials. A warmer shower area provides a better experience overall and may even help reduce the amount of hot water needed for a relaxing shower.

Our natural marble selections are excellent options for a shower surround.

1. Beauty

When you visit our marble warehouse, you’ll quickly see the unparalleled natural beauty of marble. Whether you prefer the spa-like appeal of white marble or more colorful varieties with striking veining, marble offers something for everyone.

The beauty of marble isn’t fleeting. There’s a reason some of the world’s most beloved architectural sites are constructed from marble. Marble requires a little extra care, but it can last for decades when maintained correctly.

2. Hygiene

Marble not only looks beautiful, it is the most hygienic choice you can make for a bathroom material. Marble does not absorb bacteria or water, so it reduces the risk of mold and mildew in your bathroom. Regular cleaning with a recommended non-abrasive cleanser is all it takes to keep your shower surround sparkling and bacteria-free.

3. Stain Resistant

A lot of fuss is made over how difficult marble is to maintain, but the truth is marble is a durable material resistant to staining and scratching. It stands up well to regular daily use.

Proper sealing is the key to ensuring your marble surround stays beautiful year after year. You can count on the pros at Academy Marble to complete every step of your surround installation job with care and precision.

4. Value

You can choose less expensive materials for your bathroom shower wall surrounds in Greenwich, CT, but you can’t find a better value than marble. Marble surrounds, backsplashes, and countertops will increase the value of your home and last a lifetime.

Marble offers everything you need in a bathroom surrounded by one material: luxury, durability, beauty, versatility, and cleanliness. It also resists stains, scratches, and bacteria.

A marble surround may cost more for initial investment, but you’ll enjoy the return on your investment for many years to come.


Cultured vs. Natural Marble

At Academy Marble, we offer a variety of natural marble products for our customers to choose from. We understand that everyone wants a bargain, but a man-made material filled with synthetic resins, dyes, and gels may not be the bargain you want.

Benefits of real marble include:

  • Unique Beauty: No two slabs of natural marble are completely alike
  • Custom Fit: Natural marble slabs and tiles are fitted to the space instead of being pre-fit in a factory
  • Dimension: Marble has visual depth and shine
  • Protection: Marble is protected by sealing

There is no comparison between cultured and natural marble when it comes to aesthetics. Even people who are unfamiliar with the qualities of marble can tell the difference between the man-made product and the real thing.

If you want lasting luxury for your bathroom shower wall surround in Greenwich, CT, our marble outshines the rest.

Learn More at Academy Marble

At Academy Marble, we’re here to help complete your project to your full satisfaction. We can help you select the perfect marble patterns and colors for your bathroom surround, kitchen, countertop, or other hard surfaces. For a free consultation or to discuss your project with a stone specialist, contact Academy Marble online or visit our Connecticut showroom.

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Excellent selection and service. Wanted to view a slab of Quartz which was stacked behind 20 other slabs, Academy unearthed the slab we were interested in, and it ended up being perfect. Their entire staff is knowledgeable and professional; templating and installation was neat, clean and quick.

—Betsy Steiner

This was a positive experience from beginning to end. Sinan was very helpful in getting samples for me and Kristen and the measuring and installation team was professional and courteous. The process was SO QUICK!! Very happy with the result and would definitely recommend Academy 

—Bethel, CT

Academy Marble wa incredible to work with. Everything was timely, efficient and the product is beautiful. The team was kind and considerate of us first-time kitchen renovation homeowners. I would highly recommend from the service to the install.

—Rye, NY

I just completed a complex Neolith shower install with Academy Marble and Stone that was difficult every step of the way, for reasons out of our control. Being in the construction industry, I have worked with a lot of stone fabricators over the years. The team at Academy is the best I have ever worked with... and it's not even close. Every person is knowledgeable, accommodating, responsive, and trustworthy. If I could work with Academy every day, I would. I've never had more confidence in a subcontractor.

—Bethel, CT

I had an excellent experience with Academy Marble. Their prices are very reasonable and their inventory is great. We took a tour of the marble slabs in their Rye showroom and worked closely with Betsy, who was very helpful, to ensure we were getting what we wanted. They're detail-oriented, responsive and overall easy to work with. I would highly recommend working with Academy Marble.

—Rye, NY