Transform Your Bath Space: Innovative Slab Bathroom Surrounds in CT & NY


Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older one, bathroom remodels are one of the most important projects during a renovation. There are many expectations for what is usually the smallest room in the house. 

Bathroom trends come and go, but whatever design style you love, the most important aspect of a bathroom is function. A bathroom must be functional and easy to clean while also providing a tranquil space to start and end each day. 

The right bathroom shower surround in Greenwich, CT, can help you transform your bathroom. Surrounds protect the wall from moisture that could be damaging. They also add to the overall aesthetic of the room. Whether you live in Stamford, Trumbull, or Dolphin Cove, if you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it’s helpful to know what designers in the area are doing. 

Shower Luxury to Love

Even the most humble shower or tub needs a proper surround, but humble is not in the vocabulary when it comes to current bathroom trends. Luxury showers aren’t all about size. The use of high-end materials and a variety of shower heads sets a luxurious bathroom apart. 

Soaking tubs are still popular, but large sculptural bathtubs may be slipping into second place behind epic showers fitted with every modern luxury. This Chappaqua bathroom shows how continuing the surrounding material throughout the bathroom makes the entire room look even larger and more upscale. Marble tiles covering every inch of the shower surround ensure cleanliness as well as great design. 

A shower surround can bring modern design to historic remodels like this bathroom by Balestri Architects. This mid-century modern home designed by well-known east-coast sculptor Tony Smith gets a makeover that makes the most of a small space. Large marble tiles create a seamless surround for an open wet room design to create an illusion of more space. 

This example shows how a surround can be so much more than just functional. With the right touch, a surround can be the feature that takes your bathroom from nice to gorgeous. 

The Surround as a Feature

Don’t feel defeated if your remodeling project is limited by square footage. A bathroom doesn’t have to be large or include six shower heads and every piece of modern technology to be fabulous. When space is an issue, a bathroom surround becomes an opportunity to highlight some whimsical design. A modern farmhouse in Brookfield shows how it’s done. 

The designer for this project combined materials in the primary and guest bathrooms to create unique touches in the once-rustic lake home. 

The guest bath reflects the water environment outside, with a river of river rocks spilling out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor. The only problem here is that guests may not want to leave. 

Fittingly, the primary bath shows off a grand design with an antique-style free-standing tub and a large modern shower. Surrounds for both the tub and the shower are created from classic, coordinating marble tiles. The two-toned marble adds color and pattern to the room without overshadowing the elegant farmhouse appeal. 

In both bathrooms, the surrounds draw attention in the best way and help give the rooms a unique look that’s anything but cookie-cutter. 

Marble bathroom interior design

The Function of a Bathroom Shower Surround

If only everything involved in the renovation of a bathroom could be as beautiful as a bathroom shower wall surround in Greenwich, CT! The primary purpose of a surround is to protect the wall and areas surrounding the shower or tub from water and steam. 

Without a surround made from moisture-resistant materials, moisture could seep through and cause severe damage to the wood and other materials behind the shower wall. Moist lumber is a preferred nesting ground for all types of insects and vermin, including termites. 

Marble is a top pick among high-end designers and homeowners who prize timeless luxury. Marble is naturally resistant to water and bacteria. Additionally, it’s easy to keep clean. Whatever material you choose for a bathroom shower surround in Greenwich, CT, keep function your priority. 

Opting for inexpensive materials that look good in the showroom may not pay off in the long run. Inferior surrounds that don’t protect against moisture or stand up to the everyday use of a bathroom could end up costing you more. 

Academy Marble is Here for You

At Academy Marble, we enjoy seeing and hearing about the bathroom renovations our clients are considering and the ones they’ve completed. We encourage homeowners and designers to stop by our Bethel, CT, and Rye, NY, showrooms or make an appointment to visit our marble slab warehouse to see the products we offer in person. 

If you have questions about creating a bathroom shower wall surround in Greenwich, CT, or would like to see more samples of finished projects, contact Academy Marble today.