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5 Reasons Why Fairfield & Westchester County Homeowners Are Choosing Dekton Countertops

Connecticut features its fair share of traditional home styles, but there’s no shortage of more contemporary residences. Like most homeowners, Connecticut residents are typically keen to choose design materials that exhibit both practical appeal and timeless beauty when they undertake home improvement projects. Perhaps this is why so many renovations now feature modern surfaces, like… Read More

6 Top COMPAC® Quartz Countertops for the Kitchen

There are plenty of reasons to love COMPAC® quartz countertops. Made in Spain and Portugal, this surface material is designed to deliver all the benefits you expect from a food-safe, non-porous kitchen and bathroom surface. Additionally, the company’s Technological Quartz products are engineered to provide exceptional performance and resilience. Of course, you also want beautiful… Read More

What to Expect During Your Countertop Installation New York

Anyone who has undergone home renovations knows it’s no walk in the park. Even quick renovations can entail days or weeks of appointments with contractors, demolition, noise and dust, and the inability to use a portion of your home while it’s under construction. While upgrading countertops alone isn’t as intensive as, say, an entire kitchen… Read More

How to Remove Countertop Rust Stains in 4 Steps

Counter surfaces in the home are put through all kinds of use and abuse. In addition to regular spills and splatters during meal prep and cooking, they may come in contact with significant staining agents or acidic substances. Between splattering grease, dropping pots, chopping vegetables, and everything else, you need strong and durable countertop materials… Read More

6 Top Connecticut Quartz Countertop Choices

Like many New England states, Connecticut is known for stunning fall foliage and a wealth of historic homes, from charming farmhouses to stately colonial architecture. While some residents are keen on preserving tradition when they update their home interiors, others are willing to take risks with modern materials. That said, when you choose quartz countertops… Read More

5 Trending Kitchen Countertops in Connecticut You’ll Want in Your Home

Connecticut is known for its breathtaking fall foliage, delectable seafood and syrup, rich history, and a surprising number of notable authors and poets. Stately and picturesque architecture is also part and parcel of this storied region. Connecticut is also known for its impeccable kitchen design, and countertops are the main statement of any kitchen. While… Read More