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All You Need to Know about Alleanza Quartz

Quartz has become a popular choice for modern home renovations due to the incredible strength, versatility, and practical appeal of this engineered surface material. Not only will it stand up admirably to life in a busy household, but it comes in a range of colors, patterns, and styles to suit any design sensibilities. Alleanza Quartz,… Read More

8 LG Viatera Quartz Colors to Incorporate into Your Home

Viatera is a type of quartz that is all-natural and 93% crystalline. In order to be used as one of the most elegant materials for luxury countertops, the stunning quartz is crushed and blended with high-quality resin binders. The gorgeous result includes more than 300 color designs and style combinations. Choosing which color you will… Read More

The Recent Trends for Your New York Kitchen Renovation

New York kitchens are among the most beautiful and trendsetting in the world, but like any home interior, they become outdated over time. If you’re ready for an upgrade that pairs practical innovation with modern aesthetics, there are several timely trends you might want to take advantage of. Here are a few to add to… Read More

When Is It Time to Replace Bathroom Countertops?

Whether you’ve recently purchased your dream home, even if the décor is not quite to your taste, or you’ve lived in your home long enough that your last remodel is now long out of sight, you might find yourself contemplating a few home upgrades.

Summerhill Cambria Quartz Is the Perfect Serene Color for Your Coastal Home

When you think of coastal designs that embody the classic, seaside aesthetic, you probably picture whitewashed walls, weathered wood furniture and flooring, tons of natural light, comfy, slip-covered seating, and nautical décor. You might imagine fishing nets and colorful floats, oars and anchors, and seashells galore. It’s not hard to spot this style, which brings… Read More

7 Dos and (Little-Known) Don’ts of New Kitchen Countertops

Whether you’re ready to make an investment in your home or simply grown tired of your current kitchen design, you’ll find that upgrading your countertop surfaces isn’t as easy as picking a sample and calling it a day. There’s a bit more to choosing the perfect options and features to meet your needs and design… Read More

How to Expertly Pair Silestone Calacatta Gold in the Kitchen

Part of Silestone’s Eternal Collection, the Calacatta Gold quartz design is meant to imbue your living spaces with all of the beauty and character of natural stone, including variations in color and veining similar to what nature creates. In other words, you’ll get the originality you desire, paired with the many benefits inherent to non-porous,… Read More