Slab Backsplash Pairings to Consider for Your New York Home

Slab Backsplash New York KitchenWhen choosing the perfect backsplash for your New York home improvement project, a slab backsplash can make an incredible statement while elevating the luxury of your design.

Whether you extend your backsplash to the underside of upper cabinetry or go all the way to the ceiling with a full-height affair, an unbroken slab of stone creates an impressive tableau. How can you make this statement style your own?

Soothing Calacatta Marble

Its bright white background and soft gray striations make it easy to see why Calacatta marble is such a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels. It creates a sense of cleanliness and calm, ideal for any living space, and it adds subtle color variation and movement to tonal designs.

In this contemporary New York kitchen, Calacatta Colorado marble in a honed finish covers serves as both the kitchen countertop and full-height backsplash. It adds a dose of dimension to flat panel cabinetry in white and helps to create a transition between white surfaces and appliances in stainless steel.

An all-white kitchen can appear featureless and bland, but adding a slab backsplash in Calacatta brings pattern and visual interest to the scene without screaming for attention.

Dramatic Quartz

Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops for several reasons, including attractive colors and patterns, intense depth and dimension, and outstanding strength and durability.

quartzite slab backsplash new york kitchen

While you can certainly create an eye-catching focal point by using granite for counter surfaces, you can take your statement to the next level when you extend the material to your backsplash, as in this traditional New York kitchen.

Striking Quartzite

Marble and granite have long dominated the natural stone marketplace for countertops, but quartzite countertops have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to notable strength and resilience, not to mention stunning linear striations. While some homeowners lean toward the soft, warm beiges of a variety like Taj Mahal, you might prefer a little more contrast and drama.

In this contemporary New York condominium kitchen, the same striking stone, which looks like Macaubus White quartzite, covers the waterfall island, perimeter counters, and backsplash area. 

The vein cut stone shows off the long, linear bands of dark gray veining on a white background to excellent advantage, adding extraordinary movement to the tonal space.

Dark and Stormy

slab backsplash in new york kitchen

Choosing a dark countertop material is ideal if you want to make a bold statement or need to hide stains and messes in your busy household. That said, you may not have considered the added impact of carrying your dark counter surface up to the backsplash.

If you’re not careful, it could be overwhelming, but it can also create stunning contrast, as in this traditional New York apartment kitchen, which looks to feature Black Galaxy granite. 

Choosing dark materials for a small space can be dicey, but it won’t feel overwhelming when you limit the slab backsplash to under-cabinet height and pair it with bright white cabinetry. Subtle sparkle can help to bridge the gap between black and white surfaces.

Black Counter, White Backsplash

While book-matched countertop and backsplash slabs can certainly enhance the impact of a statement stone, there’s no rule saying you have to use the same variety for both surfaces. You can mix and match slabs to create a range of effects, as in this dark, contemporary Village kitchen.

A counter surface in what looks to be Absolute Black granite blends almost seamlessly with rich, dark wood cabinets. If the backsplash was also dark, the space could start to feel like a claustrophobic void. 

However, the addition of a backsplash and island material in what looks like Carrara marble adds an element of contrast that breaks up the space and adds much-needed brightness.

Full Height Backsplash with Tall Ceilings

slab backsplash in NY

One way to decorate your interior is with a design that creates a harmonious blend of elements, resulting in a soothing space that’s a mere background for your life. Another option is to choose bold, breathtaking statement pieces that catch the eye and dazzle the senses.

Case in point: the full-height backsplash in Bianco Carrara marble is featured in this contemporary New York kitchen. Set against dark wood cabinetry, the soft white background and high-variation veining in gray grab attention, but the effect is even more prominent because the slab backsplash takes full advantage of the high ceilings.

Make a Statement with a Slab Backsplash

Whatever your personal taste when it comes to home upgrades, the professionals at Academy Marble can help you select the perfect slab backsplash to complement your countertops and overall design. Visit a showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, today to get started.