6 Top COMPAC® Quartz Countertops for the Kitchen

COMPAC quartz countertopsThere are plenty of reasons to love COMPAC® quartz countertops. Made in Spain and Portugal, this surface material is designed to deliver all the benefits you expect from a food-safe, non-porous kitchen and bathroom surface. Additionally, the company’s Technological Quartz products are engineered to provide exceptional performance and resilience.

Of course, you also want beautiful designs that elevate your interior and imbue your space with a luxury aesthetic. COMPAC delivers this with a range of stunning designs made to look like your favorite natural stone countertop varieties, along with a few you’ll never find in nature.

In other words, there’s something to suit everyone’s style sensibilities. Which COMPAC quartz countertops are trending in modern kitchen countertops?

1. COMPAC Unique Calacatta

As the name implies, this bright and beautiful quartz is meant to mimic the look of classic Calacatta marble, with a bright white background and subtle veining in pale gray. It makes for a truly stunning addition to a sophisticated, tonal white kitchen space, as seen in this modern New York kitchen.

The sparse veining adds just enough movement to create contrast and visual interest, creating dimension in the tonal space. This calming neutral could pair with nearly any design element, creating a stark contrast with black cabinets or a softer transition with cabinetry in gray or a trending pastel like mint, lavender, or millennial pink.

Even wood tones, ranging from pale blonde to espresso, will look lovely next to Unique Calacatta quartz.

2. COMPAC Unique Calacatta Black

Some homeowners prefer soothing neutrals for the foundational pieces in their kitchen design so that they can add personality and visual interest through less permanent decor like linens and dishware. If you’re the type who prefers bold colors and patterns in your space, Unique Calacatta Black goes next level with heightened contrast.

The crisp, white background is marked by chunky veins and wispy strokes in pure black, creating incredible movement across the surface. Anyone looking for an eye-catching statement in a tonal white kitchen will get just what they bargained for with this counter surface, especially when it’s extended to a matching, full-height backsplash.

It’s also an ideal transition between black lower and white upper cabinets. However, this quartz looks even more stunning next to cabinetry in a bold, saturated hue like cranberry, teal, or royal blue.


3. COMPAC Moon

The bright, uniform white of Absolute Blanc is always a great neutral to start with if you’re designing a classic black and white or tonal white kitchen, but if you’re looking for just a bit more personality, COMPAC quartz countertops in Moon deliver in a big way.

You don’t need color or pattern to add visual interest and depth to your countertops. As Moon proves with its soft white background and ample crystalline flecks, a little sparkle can go a long way.

Just look at the sparkling white quartz featured in this modern kitchen remodel. Although subtle, the speckled shine of the surface picks up on the gray in the cabinetry to create a cohesive and charming kitchen space.

COMPAC quartz countertops

4. COMPAC Arena

Soft, warm millennial pink isn’t exactly new, so it’s no surprise you can now choose this soothing shade for counter surfaces in your home. COMPAC Arena quartz is a lovely example, offering a pale pink backdrop marked by the barest hint of low-variation speckling in pale gray.

The effect is a practically uniform surface that looks simply gorgeous in a white or cream kitchen, imbuing the space with a hint of welcoming warmth. For a modern and timeless look, pair it with cabinets in a pale wood species like white oak, birch, or maple.COMPAC Arena quartz

5. COMPAC Smoke Gray

For a modern neutral palette, you can’t go wrong with gray tones, whether you prefer the austerity of cooler hues or the warmth of trending greiges. Smoke Gray quartz serves up a consistent surface in mid-tone gray with the faintest speckling of darker gray for added dimension.

As you can see with this modern farmhouse kitchen, gray quartz is a tranquil complement to white cabinets and a backsplash in white and beige tile. The darker flooring in cork tile offers a grounding effect that carries through to the countertops in this otherwise airy design.Smoke Gray quartz

6. COMPAC Quartz Countertops in Ice Black

There’s no denying it — black counters make a bold statement in the average kitchen space, and with COMPAC quartz countertops in Ice Black, that statement is cool confidence.

If you already love the look of Unique Marquina, with its black background and lightning-like white veins, Ice Black takes it up a notch with the same inky backdrop but marked by frosty white patches that surge across the surface in a mesmerizing ballet.

Although the black quartz featured in this traditional kitchen is slightly different, you can understand the appeal of pairing dark counters with rich wood and paint in saturated jewel tones.

COMPAC quartz countertops in Ice Black

Choose the Best COMPAC Quartz Countertops for Your Home

Whether installing new or updating kitchen countertops to COMPAC quartz will not only deliver exceptional function but also the aesthetic that makes your living spaces feel like you. Visit an Academy Marble showroom in Bethel, Connecticut or Rye, New York to find the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bathroom project.  Contact Us to Request a Quote