Small Bathroom Remodel Tips for Your Home – Part Two

Academy Marble & Granite shares tips on how to undergo a small bathroom remodel!Part Two – Make your Small Bathroom Extraordinary

In our first blog, Part One – Make your Small Bathroom Look Bigger we discussed using neutral colors and versatile accessories to make a small bathroom look larger. In Part Two of the small bathroom remodel series, well discuss another option; disregarding many design rules for small spaces, and instead embracing curated chaos.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #1: Be bold in your small space

A small bath is the best place to experiment with color. If you secretly harbor the love of an outrageous color, you can finally use it without restraint. No matter how bright the color is, it can only cause so much trouble in a small room. And often, it can be fabulously fun. The same goes for color contrasts.

Small bathroom remodel ideas

This bath uses bright colors on the vanity and floors to add major impact in a small space

Note another designer’s trick: the many parallel horizontal planes that fool the eye into thinking the room is wider. See them represented on the lower shelf, the countertop, the mirror and the shiplap on the wall.

Consider the following powder room that features fuchsia. Fuchsia is overwhelming in large doses but works beautifully in this Denver bathroom. Though the choices are unusual, the colors are complementary as pink, orange and yellow-orange are found as neighbors on the color wheel.

Fun and bold small bathroom

Fuchsia powder room by Amaron Folkestad

Tip: To reveal a paint’s true color, you must test paint colors on the wall in a bathroom with no natural light. Until it’s completely dry and painted on your wall, you won’t see how a lack of natural light subtly changes the color.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #2: Add Wallpaper and murals to create interest

Wallpaper and murals come and go in popularity but wallpaper is definitely having a big moment right now and can be used to make a big statement in a powder room.

Greenwich, CT design firm JBMP Architecture and Interior Design decorated this small bath with a gold floral mural, combining a wild pattern with bold colors.

Floral mural in a small bathroom

Floral mural in a small bathroom

Murals can be created by a painter, printed from a photo, or chosen from a variety of companies offering pre-made designs. There’s a wide range of choices with the rise of art-for-the-people companies like Society6. This chic mural from Society6 called Orange Tree would work well in a small bathroom.

Beautiful mural for a small bathroom

Orange Tree mural from Society6

If you are considering a mural or wallpaper, be aware that smooth walls are usually necessary for success and an elegant result.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #3: Pick a theme and go for it

A small bathroom can carry a theme that might not work in a larger space. Remember, while incorporating your chosen theme, it’s important to weave utility with design. Pick a bold theme and have fun with it!

In this bathroom, perfect for a wine lover, the walls have been covered with wooden wine crates. Notice that the focus is on the walls, while the rest of the room features subtle décor and fixtures.

A wine-themed bathroom by John Kraemer & Sons

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #4: Incorporate unexpected mirrors, light fixtures and, hardware

Every element in a small bath can be customized in endless ways. But the major focal point in most bathrooms is the mirror. In any bathroom, large or small, make sure your favorite faces see themselves framed in a fabulous mirror.

Small bathrooms are a great place to surprise with an unexpected light fixture. Chandeliers, unusual sconces or space-age modern fixtures work in a small space.

Faucets, sinks, and fixtures can all be unusual.

Now this is a small bathroom made bold!

Bold bathroom by Platinum Companies

This room features a bronze mirror that introduces a great texture in the space, a countertop sink, and an iron light fixture. This bathroom also features a thick slab countertop with a natural edge.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #5: Choose a countertop material that complements your style

The best thing about a bold small bathroom is that there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from using eclectic countertop materials.

Small bathroom remodel tips - can you see this look in your home?

This bathroom from a Detroit show-house breaks several rules for a small space: dark colors, bold patterns, oversized furniture, and an unusual slab of granite for its vanity countertop.

For example, use adventurous colors in quartz stone to further enhance your look and take it to the next level. Because quartz is a man-made stone, it can come in colors as wild as your imagination. This small bathroom features Roxwell™ quartz from Cambria. Without this quartz countertop, the bath would be versatile and subdued, but adding quartz that is full of texture and movement creates a bold and stunning design.

A fearless look featuring Cambria quartz

Consider using a material like Cosentino’s© Carnelian from its Prexury line. Combine this beautiful material with brass fixtures, an ornate carved dark wood mirror, and a smoke-colored Venetian chandelier.

Cosentino for a small bathroom remodel

Cosentino’s© Carnelian quartz countertop material

Show-stopping design is not limited to manufactured stone. Granite, marble and quartzite natural stone can create a big effect when placed in a small bath. These stone materials make waves with their textures, veining and wave-like aesthetic.

For example, Crema Bordeaux granite is a natural stone option with an exotic look. Used in a small bath, this stone can create a beautiful focal point.

Crema Bordeaux Granite

Crema Bordeaux Granite

We look forward to hearing all about your plans for remodeling the small bath in your home! In our Bethel, CT and Rye, NY showrooms, we have some of the most beautiful granite, marble and quartzite natural stone you can imagine. We also work with quartz countertop manufacturers who can bring almost any idea to fruition. To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us here.