White Carrara Marble Kitchen Combinations We Can’t Get Enough Of

All white kitchens have the magical ability to make any home look bigger. It’s no wonder the all-white look is such a popular interior design trend right now. One of our favorite natural stones used to complete this look is white Carrara marble. Naturally formed with a vein cut that blends to create a unique, yet subtle pattern, this stone is a top choice for many homeowners. This marble is not only popular for its beautiful pattern, but for its luxurious clean, white hue.

If the ‘all white’ look isn’t for you, installing white Carrara marble in your kitchen, and complementing it with a variety of other colors can still create the versatile, clean interior design aesthetic you’re looking for. Academy Marble & Granite will be happy to install those clean-white counters in as little as 7 days.

What is white Carrara marble?

White Carrara marble is a natural stone with a beautiful, luminous white color with some gray undertones. It is a cool white and pairs well with other cool colors or with contrasting jewel tones.

Carrara marble has been a popular stone for building materials and sculpture since Roman ladies were trying to keep their togas white. In fact, The Pantheon in Rome is made of Carrara marble as is the Michelangelo’s David.

Carrara marble was used in the Roman Pantheon

Carrara marble was used in the Roman Pantheon

The all-white interior trend

The all-white trend showcases rooms with white walls, white porcelain sinks and tubs, super-white paint, white linens, and even white floors.

White Carrara marble is a great choice for completing this look. We love this marble for kitchen and bath countertops, fireplace mantels and shower surrounds in an all-white interior. The slight gray tones in the Carrara marble give it an extra-cool feel. All this white can look quite dramatic, like a vista covered with freshly-fallen snow. While it may be unrealistic for some homeowners to go with all white (families with young children, pets, etc.), some aspects of this trend can still be incorporated into the overall interior design. Skipping the white tile floor that can show off-colored, dirty grout and opting for beautiful white countertops can be a nice tradeoff!

Kitchen combinations with white Carrara marble

When countertops are white, virtually everything paired with them will have some level of contrast. It’s up to you to decide how much contrast matches your interior design taste. If you think selecting white countertops is just a ‘safe’ look, guess again! Using a white color scheme in your kitchen can create a bold impact.

Low contrast combinations with white Carrara marble

Low contrast combinations with white Carrara marble include colors like beige, taupe, and ecru; woods like maple, fruitwood, and pine are all great low contrast combinations. Matte silver and pewter finishes also compliment white Carrara marble. If your décor has any beachy elements you could include some mother-of-pearl drawer or cabinet pulls for an Earthy look.

Recommended paint color: One of Benjamin Moore’s Colors of the Year for 2019 – Balboa Mist – a light “greige” paint with a calming effect, that has just enough saturation to be a contrast with white Carrara marble.

A low-contrast dining area

Medium contrast combinations with white Carrara marble

Medium contrast combinations with white Carrara marble include low saturation colors like dove grays, blush pinks, and low saturation blues and greens. Medium toned woods like cedar or oak, and finishes in chrome, rose-gold, and natural brass also work well. These natural colors are not stark against a white kitchen and help embellish the space. Incorporating colors with a medium contrast adds depth to the room and helps break up the ‘white whoa’ of an all-white interior design. 

Recommended paint color: Sherwin Williams Misty – a light green-blue tone, that appears light on a paint chip, but will definitely read as blue on your walls.

High-contrast combinations with white Carrara marble

High-contrast interiors are energizing. They wake one up and inspire action. Guests and visitors will be more dynamic in an environment with high contrasts.

Cool, white Carrera marble looks fabulous with dark, cool woods like walnut and pecan. Fixtures in gold and black have recently been trending and can offer a high-contrast look, as well.

For paint, almost any saturated blue, aqua or teal color, from navy to turquoise all look beautiful with white; as do most lavenders, and virtually any shade of pink. In fact, saturated peony pink is a trend on the horizon. This trend is coming in on a wave of luxurious velvets and decadent brocades. Expect to start seeing it in the fall of 2019, but don’t be afraid to upholster some chairs in decadent fuchsia-velvet ahead of the curve.

White Carrara Marble combos

Bright Pink Peonies

Recommended paint color: Farrow and Ball’s Cook’s Blue; a classy shade in the neighborhood of Prussian blue (which will also look great with those fuchsia chairs).

You know your family and other visitors. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether they need a kitchen that’s a shot of adrenalin or a calming oasis.

White Carrara marble limitations

With all the different levels of contrast, is there a color that doesn’t work well with white Carrara marble, you ask?

Combining extremely saturated warm tones like corals, yellows, mustards or reddish-browns like mahogany, can create a harsh look. These colors simply don’t go well together and the combinations can be jarring.

Also, a cool white with pine green or a true red may also recall holiday decorations. We recommend avoiding these color combinations.

A kitchen featuring high-contrast deep blue with white Carrara marble

A kitchen featuring high-contrast deep blue with white

If you’re dreaming of white Carrara marble, the team at Academy Marble & Granite are ready to flawlessly execute the selection, fabrication, and installation of your marble kitchen countertops. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.