Crema Bordeaux Granite

Crema Bordeaux Granite - A Warm Stone with Movement

Crema Bordeaux Granite
Crema Bordeaux Granite

Quarried from Southern Brazil, Crema Bordeaux is a stunning natural stone that has the appearance of flowing, water-like movement found in the stone. The granite pattern can dramatically vary from slab to slab, making it a versatile, natural stone. For example, some styles are more consistent in subtle shifts of colors and veining while other slabs display massive burgundy veins stretching across the slab in jagged bolts. 

Warm, southwest tones in the stone include cream, red, burgundy, dark brown and hints of gray. Cream Bordeaux carries such exciting colors and movement, it makes for an unpredictable statement piece in any kitchen or bathroom project. The granite has been commonly used in more ornate settings but can thrive in modern settings when paired with ultra simplistic decor.

One place Crema Bordeaux granite shines is in a hotel setting. The inviting feel of the colors are perfect for hospitality; not to mention its durable, distracting nature. The busy flow of the stone makes for a cleaner appearance and is less likely to show stains or spots.

The warm tones in Crema Bordeaux pair well with cabinets that carry a hint of warmth. Cream, oak or cherry wood cabinets are a stylish backdrop for the granite stone. The polished rock also shines brightly when paired with a cherry wood floor or warm paint color on adjacent walls.

Crema Bordeaux granite slabs are durable enough to withstand both commercial and residential use. The Mohs Mineral scale of hardness scores materials on a 1-10 range, with 1 representing the softest, while 10 represents the hardest materials. Granite scores a 7, making it an extremely durable option for your countertops. The polished rock can be found in kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds and outdoor kitchens.

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