The Sustainable Beauty and Durability of Granite Countertops

At either of our Academy Marble & Granite showrooms (Rye, NY or Bethel, CT ) we have a huge selection of eloquent granite to enhance the beauty and function of your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our granite is quarried and shipped from exotic locations around the world to give you a wide array of natural hues and intriguing patterns from which you can choose, making your selection a truly custom piece. And, using our state-of-the-art 3-D CAD software, we can show you how your beautiful stone countertop will appear before your slab is ever cut! At Academy Marble & Granite, our mission is to help you create the perfect granite countertops for your home or commercial property, whether it's a kitchen or bathroom project, a beautiful fireplace surround or a distinguished business conference table.

Why Granite?

Because granite is, well, rock-hard. In terms of hardness in naturally occurring stone, granite runs a close second to diamond. What does that mean for you? It means that your granite counter or surround will virtually last forever when installed, sealed and cleaned properly. It means your countertop will be chip, crack and stain resistant for years to come. Hardness and durability aside, you will forever love the stunning beauty and enhanced value that granite brings to your home.

Granite Maintenance is a Snap

Once your granite countertop is installed and sealed it will resist staining and bacterial growth. To clean, simply use soap and water or your favorite countertop cleaner. And when spills do occur, just wipe them up right away with a damp cloth or sponge and your countertop will retain its original beauty throughout a lifetime of use.

Precision Cut and Professionally Installed

Once you’ve selected your granite slab it will be precisely cut to fit based on job site digital measurements of your counter dimensions as taken by one of our specialists. From these measurements a 3-D CAD template is made to insure the slab is cut to the exact dimensions needed for a perfect fit. Our state-of-the-art, computer driven water jet cutter makes precise and smooth cuts to the exact measurements of your CAD template to insure an exact fit and the beautiful outcome that you desire.

Beautiful Home and Wise Investment

Installing granite countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms not only adds to the beauty and functionality of your home, it also increases the market value of your house. Unlike other types of countertops such as Formica or ceramic tile, which can age a house and need replacing after only a few years of use, granite never goes out of style and never shows its age. While natural granite is indeed more costly up front, it adds value and never depreciates – unlike the cheaper countertop alternatives which will age and depreciate home value.

Visit our Granite Warehouse in Westchester County, NY or Fairfield County, CT

If you are in the Fairfield County, Connecticut or Westchester, New York areas, and you are remodeling an older home or building a new one, then give us a call or come see us. We're here to help you add beauty and value to your home today!