Cambria Quartz Countertops

Consider Gorgeous Cambria© Quartz Countertops for Your Project

Cambria Quartz in Rye, NY + Bethel, CT

It’s hard to beat the beauty and stain resistance of Cambria countertops. With more than 140 designs, you’ll get the look you’re going for plus the uncompromising quality and performance that make Cambria a great choice for engineered stone. Some of the benefits of a Cambria countertop include:

  • No sealing is ever required
  • No special cleaners are needed
  • It is non-absorbent and non-porous
  • Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • It is extremely durable and maintenance-free
  • Made in America by a family-owned small business

Unsealed Quartz, Classic Beauty

With a portfolio gorgeous colors and designs, Cambria has no equal in the manufactured stone countertop industry. But the real beauty of Cambria lies in the fact that it’s harder and more durable than natural granite. In fact, unlike naturally created stone, Cambria surfaces are completely non-absorbent and non-porous. That means you never have to apply a sealer to it and it will not absorb stains from spills―not even from notorious staining food and drink like mustard and red wine.

Cambria Countertops are Easy to Maintain and Hygienic

Simply wipe up any kind of spills with a soft, damp cloth - wine, tea, grape juice, cooking oil, grease - all wipe clean without a trace. No special cleaners or sealers are ever needed! For routine cleaning, simply use a soft cloth moistened in a bit of warm water and a mild dish detergent. In fact, never use harsh chemicals like bleach or abrasive cleansers as these will dull or scratch the counter surface.

Certified by the NSF as Standard-51 Safe for Food Preparation, Cambria is as hygienic as stainless steel for all types of home and commercial food preparation. Since Cambria is non-porous, bacteria can’t penetrate the surface to survive and colonize. And, because Cambria is hygienic and simple to clean, it’s great for bathroom surfaces like vanities and tub or shower surrounds. Cambria is also GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® so it is safe for homes, schools and kids.

Family Owned and American Made

Owned and operated by the Davis family of Le Sueur, MN, Cambria is the only engineered quartz stone surface material that is made in America and that comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Cambria is highly-touted by contractors, designers and homeowners across the U.S. for its lasting beauty and durability.

If you're interested in using Cambria as your countertop surface in Westchester County, NY or Fairfield County, CT, Academy-Marble can assist you every step of the way.  With our state-of-the-art software, our design staff can help you with the options and even show you how beautiful your kitchen countertops will be.

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