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Is Taj Mahal Quartzite or Granite?

There are so many options to consider when it comes to selecting the right natural stone countertop surface for your home or project. With beautiful varieties of marble, granite, quartzite, you can quickly become overwhelmed. However, when you’re looking for distinctive beauty, why not capture the splendor of the famed Taj Mahal? This iconic mausoleum in the… Read More

Silestone vs. Granite: 5 Differences You Need to Know

Designing your ideal kitchen or bath can be both a fun and daunting process. With so many options on the market, including natural vs. engineered stone, the surfaces for you to consider are endless. The difficulty, as with any home upgrade or addition, is selecting the materials that best suit your needs. When it comes… Read More

White Granite Countertop Design Tips for Your Kitchen

White, pristine countertops are a highly coveted interior design choice. This aesthetic can create a space that appears larger, offers a clean look and does not go out of style. When choosing the right countertop material to complement this look, granite is often a go-to selection. Granite, a natural stone full of flecks, color variations… Read More

The Top Kitchen Design Trends from 2019

There are always going to be timeless trends that permeate interior design.  But, if you want to achieve a look that’s popular now (or will be attractive to prospective homebuyers in the near future), you might want to peer back on the top kitchen design trends that permeated 2019. Here are a few kitchen design… Read More

Color Scheme Series: How to Create a Stunning White on White Kitchen

There’s nothing quite like a classic, white kitchen to make your space feel open, airy and clean. For this reason, white kitchens are always on-trend, but unfortunately sometimes don’t receive more attention from homeowners undertaking a kitchen design or makeover because they can be perceived as being ‘vanilla.’ But that simply is not the case. Here… Read More

Quartzite vs. Granite: 5 Key Differences

If you’re considering natural stone for the countertop surfaces in your home, you might look at samples of quartzite and granite and hopelessly wonder which is which and how they differ. Natural stone varieties like granite and quartzite share common attributes, it’s true, but when you begin researching these different types of stone, you’ll find that… Read More