The Top Kitchen Design Trends from 2019

Kitchen design trends to look out forThere are always going to be timeless trends that permeate interior design. 

But, if you want to achieve a look that’s popular now (or will be attractive to prospective homebuyers in the near future), you might want to peer back on the top kitchen design trends that permeated 2019. Here are a few kitchen design trends that may help inspire your next project.

#1: Open Shelving

This deconstructionist trend has been on the rise for a while now, and it hit big in 2019. There’s no denying that cabinetry adds a lot of visual bulk to your space. If you have a large kitchen, this might create balance, but in smaller kitchens, overhead shelving can become overwhelming.

Still, you can’t do without the storage space, and this is where open shelving comes to the rescue, with a minimalist approach that allows you to have your storage without added visual weight.

kitchen design trends - open shelving

Just look at the marriage of white lower cabinets and white upper shelving with bold, red, quartz countertops in this Bridgeport, CT farmhouse kitchen.

The simple, Shaker-style cabinets below are the perfect complement to the streamlined, open shelves above, which display matching white and red dishware. The trick, of course, it to make sure any items on display beautify your space. So, a hodgepodge of message mugs may not be best.

Transitional kitchen in NY

If you’re on the fence about adopting this style trend, consider a middle-of-the-road approach, like this transitional New York kitchen with glass-front cabinets that add a peekaboo factor to the design. Paired with pale gray cabinetry, exposed brick, quartz countertops, and a metallic backsplash, these practical cabinets nonetheless create the illusion of a larger open space in what could be an otherwise cramped kitchen.

#2: Colored Cabinets

For the past few years, gray cabinets have grown in popularity, but 2019 saw a shift toward new color trends likely to continue into 2020. Green was the “it” color of the year, with soft minty hues, saturated teals, and deep, hunter greens popping up everywhere.

Kitchen design trend: gray cabinets

This New York farmhouse kitchen is a good example, featuring a pale olive tone that’s almost a neutral. Paired with white marble countertops, white shiplap walls, and rustic, knotty wood flooring, the aesthetic is overwhelmingly serene, proving that the right hue can make or break your ambiance and interior design.

Classic black and white kitchen design

In other color trends, matte black moved aggressively to replace gray for neutral cabinets, and it’s easy to see why with the classic, black-and-white design featured in this Brooklyn, NY townhouse kitchen. White upper and matte black lower Shaker cabinets blend perfectly with stainless steel appliances, a white subway tile backsplash, and Caesarstone countertops in Organic White to create a balanced space that feels both modern and traditional.

#3: Visual Interest Through Texture

If you love the idea of a monochromatic kitchen, but you’re worried that it will be too lifeless, the best way to get the most of this trend is by adding drama through texture.

Kitchen countertops with texture

Take this contemporary New York kitchen in all white, for example. White cabinetry and paint could get humdrum when paired with a white island countertop and backsplash, but the addition of Calacatta Gold marble adds a bit of contrast and visual interest with subtle streaks of gray that tie in with the darker countertop material around the perimeter. The added texture and movement of the marble instill some much-needed visual appeal.

#4: Natural Materials

Stone countertops in marble, granite, quartzite, and even engineered quartz have long been a luxurious and appealing element in modern kitchens, but 2019 saw a surge in other natural, rustic materials being introduced (or reintroduced, as the case may be). 

Natural aesthetic materials in the kitchen

This aesthetic is exemplified by the natural wood elements featured in this rustic New York kitchen, where warm, granite countertops and antique-finish cabinetry are paired with weathered, dark wood flooring, a plank ceiling, and heavy pillars and beams. The theme carries over into the adjacent family room, where a massive, stone fireplace outfitted with rustic wood mantles completes the scene.

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