Color Scheme Series: 5 Beautiful Blue and White Kitchen Combinations

 Blue and White Kitchen Combinations

If you’re interested in creating a chic, timeless kitchen space with the addition of stunning color, you really can’t go wrong with a blue and white kitchen color scheme.

When it comes to planning the color scheme in your kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options, even if you narrow your focus to current trends.  While a neutral kitchen or a classic white are always good fallbacks, especially if you’re thinking of selling your home in the not-too-distant future, homeowners with plans to stay for a while might want to add a little personality to this important room, by way of color. 

A blue and white kitchen boasts a cool palette that is clean and tranquil, creating a Zen-like atmosphere to craft culinary creations and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Whether you choose classic hues or you opt for the latest color trends, your kitchen can create an instant impression and remain appealing for years to come. Here are just a few great examples of blue and white kitchen cabinet and countertop combinations.

#1: A Nautical Classic

classic blue and white color combinations

How can you employ a nautical theme in your kitchen without going overboard? Take a cue from this coastal contemporary Bridgeport, CT kitchen, featuring stunning blue subway tile paired with white, Caesarstone quartz countertops, white cabinetry, and touches of warmth thanks to narrow, wooden plank flooring and complimentary wooden door and drawer pulls. Stainless appliances and accents add shine and finish this modern, nautical look.

When you think of classic blue and white color combinations in interior design, the nautical look is probably the first thing that comes to mind. This traditional combination of bright white and royal or navy blue hues is instantly recognizable, and it provides a compelling ambiance for any interior space.

#2: Updated Farmhouse Appeal

farmhouse style featuring a blue and white kitchen

The shabby-chic farmhouse style is undoubtedly on-trend. With the right white and blue color scheme, you can modernize this interior design aesthetic. Just look at this traditional New York farmhouse kitchen, which strikingly offsets white quartz countertops against gray-blue cabinetry with silver hardware, matched to stainless steel appliances.

The whole look is pulled together with a whimsical, arabesque backsplash in white and gray with metallic accents, as well as pale gray walls. The farmhouse theme is maintained with apron sinks and gooseneck faucets, along with medium tone wooden flooring for warmth and a touch of rustic appeal It’s easy to get kitschy with a farmhouse theme, but you can take your kitchen to the next level when you adopt a modern, white and blue color scheme.

#3: True Tranquility

blue is a color that represents peace and tranquility

In feng shui, blue is a color that represents peace and tranquility, but not just any shade will do when it comes to creating calming kitchen décor. Vaulted ceilings add bright and airy appeal to this small, New York eat-in kitchen, and the effect is carried by the pale turquoise paint, paired with white cabinetry and matching marble countertops.

Darker flooring helps to ground the décor and pull in the stainless steel appliances, which might otherwise look out of place in this overall light-toned kitchen space. You may think you need ample square footage to pull off a colored kitchen, but this pale blue and white sample shows that this simply isn’t the case.

#4: Upscale Chicclassic blue and white color combinations

New York kitchens can be notoriously small, especially in urban settings, but you can make the most of your space with deft attention to detail, as in this thoughtfully layered transitional New York kitchen. While there’s little space to work with, designers have managed to squeeze a lot of style into a relatively small footprint.

Cabinets in robin’s egg blue complement the icy whites and pale grays of Carrera marble countertops, and both blues and grays are mirrored in the delicate, damask wallpaper pattern. Stainless steel appliances and silver hardware on door and drawer pulls accent the room and white tile flooring and an ornamental, globe light complete this totally chic kitchen look.

#5: Boldly Modern

blue and white kitchen combinations

Both traditional and contemporary styles can benefit from the marriage of white and blue elements to create a unique kitchen space, and if you’re looking for a modern take on this classic pairing, you’re sure to love the look of this striking, contemporary New York kitchen. The NSI quartz countertops and backsplash are made to look like Carrera marble, with bold, gray veining on a bright white backdrop, and this is offset dramatically by cabinetry in a deep, cobalt hue.

The drama is downplayed by flat-panel cabinets that add to the minimalist appeal of this modern space, and pale, beige wood flooring is unobtrusive. A subtle touch of complementary color is added with copper hardware in the faucet and door and drawer pulls.

Ready to Create a Blue and White Kitchen of Your Own?

Whether you appreciate a traditional kitchen space or you prefer a bolder look, you can scratch your creative itch by implementing a suitable blue and white color scheme in this much-used room in your home. If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to help! Please visit our Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY locations or contact us here to learn more.