Calcutta Marble

Calcutta Marble - Academy Marble
Calcutta Marble

A designer favorite, this luxurious stone is one of the most highly sought after marble variations. Quarried direct from Cararra Italy this marble is often confused with Carrara marble because of its origin and similar appearance.

Colors of Calcutta range from various white background shades to veining with hints of gray, gold and taupe. This neutral palette makes for a simple pairing with interior cabinets, paint colors and other fixtures.

Carrara had a similar tone overall, but Calcutta’s background white can get very bright almost a pure white tone. Carrara has more of a muddy white hue behind the veining. Calcutta’s veining is more prominent in and thick with fewer veins compared to Carrara.

Calcutta marble can be applied to interior walls, counter tops, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds and hearths. One advantage of such prominent veining is book-matched installations. Slabs are placed side by side (mirror-image) like the pages of an open book are made possible with such visible veining. This gives the illusion of the marble as one solids piece. Popular areas to book match include: countertop matched to backsplash or walls in shower matching at the corner.

This stone has high end and high fashion appeal, creating endless possibilities inside your home.

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