Bianco Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble Slab - Academy Marble
Bianco Carrara Marble

The happy medium between White Thassos and Mont Blanc lies Bianco Carrara marble. An even distribution of white and gray veins makes for a more balanced classic marble appearance. Originating from Carrara Italy, Bianco Carrara features off white & light Gray tones with moderate pattern of grooves.

This is the most transitional stone of the three. It is considered one of the visually “safer” choices in selecting marble. This pairs well with just about any color and texture, but works exceptionally well with grays and whites for a monochromatic feel.

Pairing Carrara marble with a rough textured driftwood cabinet with small antique silver hardware can mimic a cozy cottage kitchen. Using the stone with driftwood lift the space to an incredibly natural feel. On the contrary, a Carrara kitchen backsplash in a small hexagon mosaic pattern elevates more modern geometric design style while remaining subtle in color.

The versatility of the Bianco Carrara is what makes it so popular. The amount of natural specks in the stone allow for accessories and surrounding decor to be celebrated. Many eclectic, layered designs are produced with Bianco Carrara.

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