5 Considerations for Hiring a Natural Stone Fabricator in Connecticut

Why should you choose your natural stone fabricator in Connecticut with care?

You don’t know what you don’t know. And when it comes to selecting and installing natural stone countertops into your home, this saying can unfortunately ring true for many buyers.

For instance, many buyers don’t understand that seams may be necessary when installing a new kitchen countertop. If you’re not aware of seams and don’t know to ask about the placement of them, you may be left with a surprise (good or bad)! But if you’re surprised in a bad way, I can bet you that you’ll notice that seam more so than the beautiful new countertops you just invested in. If only you would have known to ask, right?

Some version of this story has happened to virtually every homeowner. Whether you have remodeled or bought a new home, eventually you will notice an area where someone has cut a corner, or simply not had the skill to finish something at a professional level.

At Academy Marble & Granite, we know how painful this can be and we are committed to this never happening to our customers. Not only that, but we’re confident we will flawlessly execute the fabrication and installation of your new countertops, backsplashes, surrounds, and mantels.

What does a natural stone fabricator do?

Marble, granite, and quartzite are mined from the Earth. They are found as large rock outcroppings and cut down to more manageable and portable slabs. The slabs are then taken to showrooms, like ours in Rye, NY and Bethel, CT, where our customers select the perfect colored and patterned slabs for their décor.

A natural stone quarry

A stone quarry

Once a slab is chosen, a template is created that’s customized to fit the customer’s home. The template is given to the fabricator who must then cut the appropriate shapes out of the chosen slabs.

Consideration #1: Craftsmanship and Expertise

While Academy Marble & Granite has high-tech, state-of-the-art stone-cutting machines, many aesthetic decisions must be made before anything is cut. The fabricator must carefully examine the stone for any flaws that might cause instability when cutting. If any flaws are found, the fabricator will design the best way to work with, or around those issues.

The fabricator must also consider the total project when deciding where to cut each piece. Understanding that each piece of stone has its own unique color, movement and design, the fabricator’s job is to not only ensure that the cuts align and fit tightly together when installed, but they also consider the focal points of each slab. Given your specific surface area and preferences, the fabricator can help you to determine which parts of the slab could be highlighted best in your design and then determine where the cuts should be made.

For example, a focal point like a waterfall island must be created with great care. The largest and most dramatic piece should be on the top, with matching pieces with bookmarked seams be on each side.

Consideration #2: Technical Skills & Industry-Leading Technology

Each natural stone décor piece will also have a custom edge of one sort or another, whether it’s a very plain right angle or a more elaborate curved design. Edges are created with another machine called a router, but creating these edges with precision also calls for technical expertise.

A fabricator is also responsible for ensuring that the customer’s slab has the right texture. Each slab is polished to either a honed (matte), shiny or custom surface finish. 

A great fabricator must be good at cutting, edging and polishing natural stone material.

Academy Marble & Granite uses the latest technologies to assist our fabricators and create the very best outcomes. The steps to our method include:

  • Step 1: Digital measurements are taken for accuracy.
  • Step 2: We mock up your new countertops with a high-definition, digital drawings.
    • Before any slab is cut, you’ll get to see a 3-D rendering of your project. You’ll know exactly how the stone will be cut and installed.
  • Step 3: We take high-definition photography of the stone you chose to capture every unique feature.
  • Step 4: Our CAD team merges your digital template for a high-definition, 3D rendering.
  • Step 5: Our state-of-the-art water jet machine cuts your stone using an automated program that ensures maximum precision.

Consideration #3: 5-Star Track Record

Like all other artisans, fabricators become masters after years of experience. They simply must be “hands-on” to learn the trade.

Are you thinking about hiring a natural stone fabricator in Connecticut?

Beautiful marble countertops in a modern home

Academy Marble & Granite has the best team of stone fabricators in the area and all work is done in-house. We have over 10 years of experience “reading stone” and translating it into gorgeous décor. Consumers and contractors give us a 5-star rating for delivering superior work. We invite you to check out our portfolio and read our Houzz reviews.

Consideration #4: Project Completion Time

There are many benefits to having your countertop fabrication and installation done under one roof. Everything we do at Academy Marble is executed in-house so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of working with a single provider. This means less back and forth communication for you, and a faster turnaround time from concept to install. We are able to get the job done in seven days or less, while other suppliers and installers can take nearly a month to complete.

Consideration #5: Selection, Selection, Section!

You can live with a kitchen remodel for years, so you want to ensure it is the perfect stone for your lifestyle and aesthetic. We feature one of the largest inventories in the area. By partnering with Academy Marble & Granite, you will have access to over 25,000 square feet of granite, quartzite and marble slabs. We also supply and install engineered quartz surfaces from leading worldwide manufacturers like Caesarstone, Cambria and Cosentino. Architects, homebuilders and contractors in the area turn to us for their stone selection because of our extensive selection.

We are happy to consult with you and explain more about how our process makes us the best natural stone fabricators in Connecticut.