Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Kitchen design trends to look out for - Academy MarbleThe kitchen design trends to look out for in 2019 represent a significant shift in kitchen interior design. These looks signal a new wave of ideas which will dominate trends going forward. We may not be ready to start thinking about the 2020s, but the new decade is just a year away. To embrace the future, your kitchen may need a whole new look. Academy Marble & Granite is ready to help you get started on a new kitchen design.

Question: What is the key theme for kitchen design trends for 2019?

Answer: Effortless individuality

2019 designs have a common theme, despite including some disparate looks. They should appear effortless, but not go so far in that direction that they become bland.

Kitchens should not be:

  • Over-decorated, over-wrought, or over-thought
  • Be tied to a single historical reference
  • Be so modern that it appears cold or uncomfortable

They should:

  • Be designed for how you specifically use your kitchen
  • Reflect your personality
  • Incorporate texture, as well as color
  • Include natural elements
Kitchen Design Trends

An effortless kitchen featuring marble island countertops with an inset grill cooktop.

Fussy is out of fashion

Fussy is a bit hard to define but you know it when you see it. Avoid:

  • Relentless matching
    • Imagine: a red porcelain sink, with a red vintage refrigerator, red-glass drawer pulls, red dish towels, and red-and-white checked tile counters. Whether it be a color, or a teacup, or a cute-owl theme, it’s easy to like something, and then get carried away with it until it’s just too much.
  • Obsession with a historical timeframe
    • A strictly Victorian, Edwardian, or mid-century-only look appears contrived. There’s no way for it to be natural or organic, it’s constrained by rules designed for another era.
  • Clutter
    • Though you may be proud of your Le Creuset cookware collection, your Kenwood Kitchen Machine, and sustainable, rosewood-handled knife set, they don’t all need to perpetually be on display. Clutter distracts the eye, gets in the way of work, and makes your kitchen look smaller.
  • Fragile elements
    • In kitchens and bathrooms, fragile items don’t make sense; there’s too much action, water and heat to keep fragile items out of harm’s way. If your kitchen has white-velvet-covered bench seats in the breakfast nook, a collection of vintage delicate Fostoria glassware on display, or floors or countertops made of tile subject to chipping, people will never feel fully at ease in the room. You’ve added a design element that requires people to act in an unnatural way in the space. A kitchen is not a formal living room. Even formal living rooms are becoming more and more user-friendly.

Modern can be dated

The typical look dubbed “Modern” includes smooth surfaces, clean lines and is neutral in color. The problem is that this look has been repeated again and again for more than fifty years. Like a Victorian look, classic Modern styles no longer feel new. And in some cases, they seem oddly stuck somewhere in the sixties or seventies.

Essentially being married to any constrained style or period no longer feels natural. It also doesn’t reflect the authentic essence of the individual homeowner. How could someone born in the 1980s look “just right” in a kitchen designed for Edwardians or 23rd-century space explorers?

Question: Do the kitchen design trends of 2019 feel more authentic?

Answer: Yes

2019 Kitchen design trends are all about you

When remodeling a kitchen the new focus is on you. What do you love, where do you feel comfortable, and most importantly, how do you use your kitchen?

Structural design choices

Most kitchens are designed around the standard, generic three-point kitchen design which dictates that the cook move in a continuous triangular path between the refrigerator, range and, sink. This concept is seen in nearly every home but is no longer considered optimal for everyone. To achieve the current ideal, you may need to change the entire footprint of your kitchen -including new and custom countertops. Naturally, Academy Marble & Granite is happy to assist you with precision customization of your new countertops.

Do you frequently cook? Or do you primarily shop and reheat? Are you a baker? Or, perhaps you prefer to grill. Whatever your style, your kitchen should be designed to support YOU.

Modular cooking systems, like Miele’s CombiSets, allow you to mix and match your cooking surfaces for a truly customized kitchen. Your cooktop can include a flat grill, a deep fryer, and a BBQ grill. Cutting natural stone countertops to accommodate these new choices requires the expert help of skilled stonecutters. Contact us anytime to discuss which materials including granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz are the best choice for your design.

Aesthetic design choices

2019’s aesthetic design trends give you a chance to express your personality


Kitchen design trends to look out for: Pantone Living Coral

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral. Other bold colors predicted to be big in 2019 include bright cobalt and lime. Saturated peony or azalea pinks are also sneaking into the mix, but only those looking a little bit further into the future have noticed. Whatever your color choice, truly saturated colors are big. You are challenged to declare yourself, and not hide behind neutrals. Even the “neutrals” are colors in 2019. If you pay close attention you’ll find that most “whites” are really the palest versions of blues, lavenders, and greens.

Kitchen Design Trends- Pantone Spring 2019 partial palette

Design motifs

One of the latest trends features a mashup of styles with big influences coming from the organic side of the 70s decorating; earth tones, textures from handmade textiles, rugs, and ceramics, and lots of natural light. Many of these new ideas include wood that is either unfinished and rough or minimally sealed with clear coats or oils.

However, unlike heavy 70s Bohemian styles, current looks are open and clean with only scattered touches of these elements. They eschew the clutter and decadence but retain the homage to color and nature. This design concept asks you to bring in pieces that reflect your personality, passions, and travels, but to curate sparingly.

Living plants are a large part of this new design. If you want to have plants in your new kitchen, ask your design consultant how to protect your natural stone countertops from any water damage.

Another design concept gaining in popularity is an emphasis on the palest of neutral colors for walls and surfaces, accented by warm metallic faucets, light fixtures, and hardware. This color palette is similar to a washed out sunset with pale corals, the lightest blues and teals, and palest yellows. It pairs beautifully with copper, brass and pale rose-gold accents. It creates a deeply peaceful and serene setting where you can be inspired to create your culinary masterpieces.

Both of these emerging design trends look best with countertops in subtle, lighter, subdued tones.

Which kitchen design trend is right for you?

Academy Marble & Granite has two showrooms with multiple natural stone slabs to choose from for your countertops. You can see a small selection of our color choices here.

Let us know how we can help you bring 2019’s kitchen design trends into your home. Visit one of our locations, or contact us today to set up a consultation.

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