Modern Countertop Design Paired with Restoration Hardware’s Reclaimed Russian Oak Furniture

Fantasy Brown Marble with Restoration Hardware New CollectionIf you’re like us, time stands still when the new Restoration Hardware Sourcebook arrives.  All sources of noise and other distractions must stop – we need to read our favorite “book” in peace, and then decide which of our custom countertops will look smashing with the new looks.

The most recent Sourcebook does not disappoint. It appears Restoration Hardware has successfully solved an age-old question, “How do you keep a modern-style dining room and kitchen area from looking cold and sterile?” Their answer: Reclaimed Russian Oak furniture.

Reclaimed Oak furniture has a taupe finish which looks more beige, or grayer depending on the source of light, or the time of day. It has a bit of warmth without being too warm for modern decors, as a warm wood-like cherry or mahogany would be. It also shows off the wood’s grain and has a sight surface texture. The combination of warmth, pattern, and texture adds just the right note of contrast to otherwise clean and neutral interiors.

So if you eyeing Restoration Hardware’s new reclaimed-oak Stacked or Plank Dining-room table collections and you’ve already decided on a palette of gray or white for your walls and cabinets, which Academy Marble & Granite countertops would we recommend?

Countertop Selection Tips

We can’t help but select fantasy-brown marble. We think it would be absolutely stunning with Reclaimed Russian Oak furniture. Fantasy-brown marble has an off-white base with a wavy gray-brown, rich-brown, and grey lines running throughout – and if you look closely each piece has a just a touch of gray-green and a hint of rose. Fantasy-brown marble is an ideal choice for countertops as its unique mineral content makes it one of the strongest marbles.

If you choose marble, you actually get to choose marble; i.e. you will select your favorite slab from a selection of top-quality choices. Marble lets you really have the personal touch (also known as control) and it has so much variation from slab-to-slab that you never have to worry about your neighborhood copycat. No matter what they do, the Jonses will not have your counters!

Naturally, we have professionals assist you to ensure you choose the right slabs for the size of your project. And it’s also important to know that we only carry the highest grade of marble. There are variations in quality, but rest assured you will only be choosing your slab of marble from the best material available.

Selecting Edges For Your Modern Countertops

After selecting the perfect slab for your countertops you also need to decide what type of edge you would like your countertops to have. They range from very simple right angles to the fancy curves you might expect to find in crown molding or antique furniture. With modern décor and eye-catching fantasy-brown marble, we would suggest you select slightly rounded or “eased” edges. Eased edges will mirror the slightly-rounded edges of Restoration Hardware’s dining room tables and chairs.

Contractor’s secret: Every marble has a slightly different level of hardness as each is made up of a combination of common, and trace minerals. Years of training and experience is required to perfectly fabricate such a mercurial material. Want to know more? Just ask us, but be warned, we are happy to talk about marble and granite all day!

So take a moment to imagine your sleek gray cabinets, your beautiful Russian Oak Tables, and your spectacular fantasy-brown marble countertops.  And then, find a beautiful chrome or sterling container to place on your dining room table, perhaps a Peretti Thumbprint Water Cup from Tiffany & Co. You’ll need a lovely place to keep smelling salts for your guests. Your new dining area is going to take their breath away.

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