Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy-Brown Marble - Academy Marble, Rye, NY
Fantasy-Brown Marble

Quarried in India, Fantasy-Brown is a marble unlike any other. The marble stays true to its name, appearing as a separate universe from all other types of marble.

Fantasy-Brown marble is a statement piece all on its own in kitchen and bath countertops and vanities. Long waves and swirls of beige, brown, white and grays with hints of gold throughout.

It’s also likable form a maintenance standpoint: it does not easily etch or stain. This stone is often mistaken for Quartzite due to its appearance as well as its toughness. Fantasy marble is much harder than its counterparts Carrara or Calcutta.

Adaptable to both modern and traditional home styles, this exotic looking stone is perfect for a variety of color palettes. Pair Fantasy-Brown with a cream subway tile backsplash for a bright airy open space. Pair it with a cherry wood toned fireplace mantle for a regal more traditional approach.

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