Starting a Kitchen Renovation: How to Find Your Kitchen Style

Interior of updated kitchen

Are you modern, traditional or farmhouse?

Starting a kitchen renovation is a lot of fun, but with so much inspiration out there (hello, Pinterest!), things can get overwhelming fast. You probably feel that there’s just too much to choose from – how are you supposed to land on just one backsplash? And don’t even start with the countertops – it took you 2 weeks to narrow it down to 5 options!

To choose your materials, it helps to take a step backward and first define your kitchen style. Are you modern? farmhouse? Maybe you prefer a more traditional look? Once you figure out your style, you’ll find that choosing actual surface, hardware, and finishing touches are much easier.

Exactly how do you define your kitchen style?

We’ve compiled four questions below that will help you find your style. Be sure to keep your answer to each question with you as you continue, so you can put them all together at the end!

1. Do you prefer straight or rounded countertop edges?

Ogee edges countertopChoosing your edging preference says a lot about your kitchen style. You may have learned about countertop edging options during your kitchen renovation research, but you can always refer to this guide if you need a refresher.

Straight/eased edge – A straight edge has a very clean appearance and can typically be found in modern kitchens. However, you will also find straight edges in farmhouse style kitchens, if more unique details are found in other places (like cabinets, backsplash, etc.) Straight edges help to make the countertops the focal point of the kitchen.

Rounded/detailed edges – Rounded countertop edges and detailed edges, such as ogee and beveled make much more of a statement. They can typically be found in more traditional style kitchens, as they work very nicely with other traditional aspects, such as inset cabinets and beadboard.

2. Do you prefer shaker, inset, or distressed cabinets?

Inset style cabinetsThe cabinets you choose for your kitchen renovation will help define your style. We recommend choosing your cabinet style early on in the process, because it’s much easier to design other aspects around them. Let’s dig into the most popular choices below, and don’t forget to keep your answer in mind.

Shaker style cabinets – Shaker style cabinets are clean, simple and look great in any color. They are typically found in modern kitchens paired with simple subway tile and straight/eased edge countertops.

Inset style cabinets – This type of cabinet door has been around for a long time and are typically found in more traditional style kitchens. Because of their detail, they are generally on the pricey side, but buyers find confidence knowing they’ll always be in style.

Distressed cabinets – This type of cabinet is newer to the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less desired for farmhouse style kitchens. The distressed look adds a truly unique touch and can be combined with many finish options. Keep in mind that distressed cabinets can be expensive – it actually takes a lot of work to distress brand new cabinets!

3. Do you prefer subway, patterned or stone style backsplash?

Subway style backsplashObviously, there are many more backsplash options than those listed above, but to keep things simple and help you narrow done your style, we’re choosing the three most popular options.

Subway style – Subway tiles are everywhere right now, and that’s probably because they work well in any style kitchen. That’s right, subway style can be found in modern, traditional or farmhouse kitchens. Subway tile comes in a variety of colors and can be integrated in numerous layouts.

Patterned style – Hexagon, mosaic, square, diamond – the list goes on! A patterned backsplash makes a beautiful statement and goes best with inset style cabinets. They are usually found in traditional style kitchens in a variety of colors.

Stone or brick style – Love the natural look of stone or brick as a backsplash? Then you probably love farmhouse style kitchens! There’s nothing more rustic then making your backsplash appear as though you’ve left the natural wall material.

4. Do you prefer minimal or detailed hardware?

Traditional kitchen cabinets in whiteBelieve it or not, hardware is one of the first things people see when they look at a kitchen. Since hardware sticks out past the cabinet, your eye is drawn to them. Make sure that you’ve chosen all the pieces of your kitchen – countertops, cabinets, and backsplash tile – before you choose your hardware. You want to ensure that everything works well together.

Minimal hardware – There are many, many options for minimal hardware on the market today. To choose hardware that is “minimal” look for something small with clean lines, like bar pulls. You’ll typically find this type of hardware in modern kitchens.

Detailed hardware – Detailed hardware makes a serious statement and there are so many options to choose from – antique styles, bin pulls, and decorative top knobs just to name a few. These types of hardware pair wonderfully with inset and distressed kitchen cabinets and are typically found in both traditional and farmhouse style kitchens.

Do you have your answers ready? Great! Find your style below –

If you like:

  • Straight edged countertops
  • Shaker style cabinets
  • Subway tile backsplash
  • Minimal hardware

Your kitchen style is modern!

If you like:

  • Rounded/detail edged countertops
  • Inset cabinets
  • Patterned tile backsplash
  • Detailed hardware

Your kitchen style is traditional!

If you like:

  • Straight edged countertops
  • Distressed cabinets
  • Stone/brick backsplash
  • Detailed hardware

Your kitchen style is farmhouse!

If you like a mix of everything

Maybe you love shaker style cabinets, but really want an ogee edged countertop and detailed hardware – no problem at all! This guide is to simply help you hone into the details you love most, so it’s easy to narrow down your options. You might be a mix of all three styles, but at least you can now focus on the finishes you like most for your kitchen renovation.

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