Black Quartz Countertop Options That are Trending

Black Quartz Countertop Options That are TrendingThe classic white kitchen infuses any home with a bright, open, airy appeal. However, if you’re searching for a bolder look, you can easily complement white cabinetry with a dark countertop option, one alternative is black quartz countertops, which have become a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the home. In addition to the many benefits quartz can offer – strength, resilience, longevity, and resistance to staining, microbes, damage, and more – you’re sure to appreciate the fact that there are so many colors to choose from.

Even in the black color category, you’ll find a wide selection of hues and features. Before you choose the right countertop surface for your home and style, you’ll want to consider some of the most popular black quartz countertops trending today.

Quartz Option #1: Pure Black

It’s hard to deny the magnetism of an ebony countertop, whether you pair it with dark wood cabinetry or contrast it against bright, white surfaces. If pure black countertops are an essential element in your interior design vision, you can’t go wrong with Jet Black Caesarstone, delivering a wash of deep black, marked by subtle patterning for extra dimension.

Or you might like Iconic Black Silestone, an elegant, high-shine surface featuring Cosentino’s patented N-Boost surface treatment that intensifies color and elevates the play of light upon the surface (while improving ease of cleaning and maintenance).

Quartz Option #2: Classic Black and White

Many homeowners appreciate the softness and visual interest of white and gray marbles, like Calacatta and Carrara, especially when offset against black elements in a classic interior design combination. If you want to go the opposite direction with your black and white kitchen or bathroom space, Vanilla Noir Caesarstone is an excellent option, featuring an ebony base marked by swirls of feathery, vanilla veining.

For more defined veining, consider Marquina Midnight MSI, with a flat black expanse broken up by soft, subtle, gray and white streaks. Or opt for Livorno PentalQuartz, with stark, white striations lancing across a pitch-black background, like lightning against a stormy night sky. No matter how pronounced a contrast you prefer, these quartz options allow you to achieve the precise level of black and white.

Quartz Option #3: Cosmic Creations

While your countertops may not capture the majesty of the stars, they can put your love of the cosmos on full display, thanks to the dramatic addition of light-reflecting flecks lodged in the surface, akin to stars strewn across the night sky.

There are several options to consider when it comes to sparkling black quartz. If you want a subtle effect, as of salt crystals lightly scattered over your countertops Midnight Majesty MSI is a great choice, with a dark background and faint, contrasting, crystalline flecks.

For a higher degree of sparkle and dimensionality, Sparkling Black PentalQuartz can’t be beaten. The proliferation of crystalline chips in different sizes is apparent under illumination, with bright points of light standing out against the jet-black background.

Silestone takes a different approach with their Stellar Negro slab, featuring an inky background dotted by small crystals, or nougat, in black themselves. Although not necessarily as brilliant as other Black Galaxy granite lookalikes, this option nonetheless delivers a dose of understated spark and intense depth that will certainly catch the eye.

Quartz Option #4: Warming it Up

Sometimes, a stark shade like true black that eats up light can feel a little overwhelming, especially in smaller kitchen or bathroom spaces. In this case, you may want to tone it down a bit by choosing a slightly softer, warmer version.

Consider, for example, Oxidian Caesarstone, characterized by an inky base brushed with rusty variegation, similar to oxidized iron. You’ll still enjoy the dark countertop surface that suits your personal taste, but with a warm, coppery tint that complements natural wood cabinetry or other finishes in your space, and create a more inviting ambiance than pure black.

While technically not black, Amadeus PentalQuartz, featuring a blend of deep brown and purple tones, highlighted by subtle, golden spots throughout, is so dark as to appear nearly black, but with richly warm character. If coal black is a bit too dramatic for your kitchen, this is a great way to get the dark countertops you’re drawn to.

Choosing the right black countertops for your home interior and your personal taste is no easy task, but with so many gorgeous options to consider, you’re sure to find the perfect quartz counter surfaces to complement your kitchen or bathroom design.

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