New York Kitchen and Bath Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

New York Kitchen and Bath DesignsWith so many tried and true countertop options, such as granite and marble, and newer surfaces on the market, such as quartz and porcelain, to choose from, there is a lot to consider. Fortunately, if you’re doing at-home research into the right countertop for your home, there are many free resources to use, like Pinterest and Houzz. Discovering your personal design aesthetic can help you to narrow down your options and give you an idea which direction to head when it comes to color, texture, pattern and veining.

With this being said, as a homeowner looking to improve your property and take advantage of the latest trends, you can’t do better than turning to New York remodels as inspiration for your next home renovation project.

Here are just a few examples of truly outstanding New York kitchen and bath designs that not only serve as visual masterpieces of interior design, but offer clues to taking your own home improvements to the next level.

Mix-and-Match Perfection

Bright, white kitchens are a popular design choice. However, lately, homeowners have been looking for ways to tone down the tendency toward a cold, sterile aesthetic. Over the last few years, this has included adding gray tones to create a more peaceful ambiance. The latest trend involves imbuing kitchen spaces with touches of warmth through the addition of wood, just not in traditional ways.

New York Kitchen and Bath Designs: Mix-and-Match Perfection

Take, for example, this industrial New York kitchen, which features modern, flat-panel cabinetry in both white and light wood tones. The theme is carried into bright quartz countertops, and extra warmth comes in the form of an unexpected addition – a ceiling paneled in rustic wood planks and beams and adorned with a minimalist string of LED lights. It’s definitely a modern and surprising twist on the traditional white kitchen.

Farmhouse Fun

Outside the city, rustic homes abound. But it’s all too easy to fall into traditional design components, like apron sinks or kitchens decked out in floor-to-ceiling wood paneling. If you want to bring the farmhouse aesthetic into the modern era, consider blending both traditional and contemporary elements, as in this sophisticated, modern/industrial farmhouse mashup.

Farmhouse interior design aesthetic

There’s still plenty of wood, thanks to light wood flooring and truly eye-catching lower cabinetry using conifer wood, featuring incredible texture with a strong grain pattern. The dark-hued wood lends itself well to the black cabinetry and backsplash above, as well as the slate-paneled refrigerator. Gray quartz countertops create the perfect transition between the rich wood and black components in the kitchen, tying together an incredibly chic twist on the farmhouse style.

Color Me Contemporary

When you think of New York, you may imagine stark, contemporary spaces. You won’t be disappointed when you ogle this high-contrast, contemporary New York kitchen

Contemporary New York kitchen design

At first, you might think the expansive countertops and backsplash are Calacatta marble, but they’re actually quartz made to mimic this look with a pure white background and dramatic striations in gray.

The contrast comes in the form of deep cobalt cabinetry, accentuated by copper hardware, along with pale beige, wood flooring. From afar, the look creates a strata of light and dark layers, creating a truly dramatic and contemporary kitchen space.

Modern Mountain Rustic

New York designer kitchens are a sight to behold, but no less impressive are the bathroom renovations that deliver a nearly equal return on investment.  The woodsy look is popular outside the city, and it’s best exemplified in this rustic bathroom.

New York bath design

True, there’s a lot of wood paneling and it’s not right for every homeowner or every home. . However, it works well in the right setting, especially when you add modern luxuries like the dark, dimensional granite seen here.

Elevated Elegance

Doing a complete 180 from the cabin aesthetic is this West End contemporary bathroom, complete with built-in artwork created in tile. 

Gray and white bathroom design

The gray and white aesthetic offers a completely chic and modern look, especially when you factor in the pop of blue in the furniture-like cabinet and the geometric patterns that carry over from the wall tile to the vanity.

The use of white marble adds a stunning backdrop on which to build visual interest through pattern, color, and even the texture of the flooring. Brass hardware adds further dimension, standing out against the largely white/gray color palette and contrasting nicely with the blue vanity.

Warm and Welcoming

While some people like the purity of a white kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners prefer warm, welcoming spaces that are a little more livable. A good example is this minimalist New York bathroom, featuring flat cabinets in rich, dark wood, paired with white walls, a neutral shower, and a creamy quartzite countertop surface.

Quartzite countertop surface

Ensuring that your kitchens and bathrooms exude modern appeal is important if you hope to see a return on investment from your renovations. But, you also need to create living spaces that suit your personal tastes. With so many fine examples of trending designs in New York to choose from, you’re sure to find the high-end, visually appealing elements that not only increase your property value, but your overall enjoyment of your home.

Can Academy Marble help?

As you can see, there are many options to explore when you start looking for the a countertop surface for your kitchen or bath. With professional help, you can choose the countertop that not only matches your aesthetic preferences, but provides the safe and functional surfaces you require for your kitchen and bathrooms. Contact us today to get started on your project.