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High-Quality Bathroom Vanity Countertops from Concept to Creation

Whether you are replacing existing bathroom countertops or creating an entirely new bathroom, the excitement around creating a fresh new space can oftentimes be hampered by the demands of design and material selection. Understanding that you have numerous options when it comes to selecting the right vanity countertop for your project,  Academy Marble is prepared to provide you with expert-level guidance throughout each step of your bathroom project.

With step-by-step assistance from surface selection to installation, you’re ensured a streamlined experience that delivers a beautiful, high-quality end result. Let’s get started with your bathroom!

Step 1: Selecting Your Bathroom Countertop Material

Choosing the right countertop material for your vanity is a big decision with many important factors to consider. Foremost, bathroom countertops should be durable to withstand everyday contact with water, cosmetics and cleaning products. The bathroom countertop surface you choose should depend largely on:

  • Maintenance & Durability: What level of maintenance are you willing to dedicate to your new vanity top?
  • Finish: What countertop finish appeals most to you: polished, honed or brushed?
  • Stone Type & Color: Each natural and man-made stone has unique properties, what is your favorite aesthetic that aligns with your lifestyle?
  • Budget: Which stone type, grade and origin fit within your budget?
  • Existing Stone: Will you need any stones in your bath matched so it's cohesive your new countertop (i.e. curbs, thresholds or shower ledges)?

In addition to selecting a vanity countertop, if you are also installing a new shower and/or floor, homeowners can also consider carrying the same stone throughout the bathroom on other flat surfaces to maintain a cohesive design. Other surfaces to consider when selecting your bathroom vanity countertop:

  • Backsplashes and sides plashes
  • Shower threshold (the threshold is what you step over to get into the shower)
  • Ledges (shelves, pie-shaped corner piece in shower stall, etc.)
  • Shower seat top
  • Floor transitions

To get started with your selection process, read our article “Which Type of Stone Countertop is Best for Your Bathroom Vanity.” We also invite you to our Rye, NY and Bethel, CT showrooms, where you’ll find over 25,000 square feet of beautiful, high-quality natural stone, including marble and quartzite, to help inspire and decide on your selection.

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Step 2: Bathroom Countertop Fabrication

After selecting your vanity countertop surface, we begin the templating and fabrication process. Before templating can begin, your vanity must be installed so the exact measurements are calculated. Additionally, you will have needed to select the size and shape of your sink(s) so that they can be measured during templating. The Academy Marble team will take your sinks back to the shop so that they can measure and ensure the most accurate template. Smaller plumbing fixtures, such as your faucets, will not be needed until installation day. 

After the precise measurements are taken, the latest CAD technology brings your design concept to life. This is when we begin our meticulous process of creating a 3D CAD rendering of your bathroom. This process enables us to show you how your final bathroom countertop or vanity will look installed, even before a slab is cut!

Step 3: Delivery and Installation

This is an exciting day - you are steps away from the installation and use of your brand new bathroom countertop! Prior to installation day, our team will work with you to make sure the project area is prepped and ready so your installation goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Academy Marble is one of the largest stone fabricators and suppliers in the Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT areas. You can visit the showrooms during business hours, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m, or if you prefer, you can request a consultation here.

From beginning to end, we pride ourselves in creating a seamless selection and installation process and enjoy helping our partners create the home of their dreams. Here is a list of additional resources to help guide you through your bathroom countertop upgrade:

* Project completion time subject to change based on stone inventory, the complexity of the job and availability. A deposit is required to secure or hold the selected stone. All items that go on the cabinets (sinks, faucets, cooktops and accessories) need to be selected before templating can begin. Please contact us here if you have any questions or concerns.