6 Silestone® Countertop Colors You Need to Check Out

Silestone countertop colorsWhat is Silestone®?

Silestone creates quartz countertops that are a hybrid of natural materials and manufacturing innovation. Essentially, natural stone is combined with binding materials to create countertop materials that boast superior performance.

Unlike natural stone surfaces such as marble, granite and quartzite that need to be periodically sealed,  Silestone has a non-porous surface and does not require a sealant. It’s also resistant to staining and etching from spilled liquids, making it ideal for busy kitchens.

Silestone Benefits and Features


Silestone slabs are available in larger formats than natural materials, offering two slabs sizes: Standard – 55 inches by 120 inches and Jumbo – 63 inches by 128 inches. This is a desirable feature for homeowners and professionals because its colors and patterns can be consistently repeated across large areas utilizing a smaller number of joints.


Silestone also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns with over 80 choices to choose from. Some look just like classic marble and granite materials, and others are totally new and bold. Silestone® surfaces range from white hues to bold colors like magenta.


Silestone comes in multiple surface textures including:

  • Polished: your classic shiny surface
  • Suede: a matte surface
  • Volcanic: a rustic-looking surface, like natural stone after long exposure to the elements


Silestone is available with various edge patters including:

  • Basic eased:  a rounded right angle; perfect for modern designs
  • Straight beveled: a small bevel leading to a right-angle drop, great for classic, modern and transitional designs
  • Bullnose and demi-bullnose:  rounded edges that have a soft appearance in design and maximize safety – no pointy edges
  • Ogee: a fancy edge that looks great with traditional, formal designs; the first section is a concave arch which transitions to a convex arch
  • Mitered: an angled edge that gives the appearance of a thicker countertop; great for modern looks

Designers and Homeowners Love Silestone

Silestone is a well-established manufacturer that stands behind its products with a 25-year, limited, transferable certified warranty in writing. They are the only quartz supplier in the world that upholds this type of warranty.

Silestone Countertop Colors

Silestone® Countertop Color #1: Calacatta Gold

Greenwich, CT design firm Titus Built chose Silestone’s® Calacatta Gold for their remodel project featuring a high-end basement. Calacatta Gold mimics the white and gray veining of classic Calacatta marble. In this case, it’s used with a basic eased edge and paired with a metallic subway tile. This space has been carefully created to capture classic and modern touches that ultimately delivers a comfortable, transitional feel.

A Connecticut basement remodel featuring Silestone's® Calacatta Gold

A Connecticut basement remodel featuring Silestone’s® Calacatta Gold

Silestone Countertop Color #2: White Zeus Extreme

Pinney Designs used Silestone’s® White Zeus Extreme in this sleek, modern bathroom. The closest natural material for this purpose would be Statuario white marble. Due to its timeless look, Statuario marble has been highly popular for kitchen and bath applications for years. Silestone’s® manufactured material is an ideal alternative if you love the pure white look of Statuario marble but need a more durable surface than marble.

A Cambridge, MA master bathroom featuring Silestone's® White Zeus Extreme

A Cambridge, MA master bathroom featuring Silestone’s® White Zeus Extreme

Silestone Countertop Color #3: Iron Bark

Silestone has fans around the world. English Design firm Fineline Interiors used Silestone’s Iron Bark Quartz countertops to create this bright, contemporary space. It has cool clean elements featuring smooth countertops, chrome fixtures and bright green tones. It also has contrasting warm elements like the textured copper light fixture and oak cabinet doors.

Contemporary, cool kitchen featuring Silestone

Contemporary, cool kitchen featuring Silestone

Silestone® Countertop Color #4: Seleno

Silestone’s® line also includes materials that look similar to granite that come in beautiful earth tones with contrasting accent materials. This master bath features Silestone’s® Seleno quartz. It’s cream base is full of warm, dark gold accents that pair beautifully with off-white cabinets and gold fixtures.

A vanity topped with Silestone's® Seleno Quartz.

A vanity topped with Silestone’s Seleno Quartz.

Silestone® Countertop Color #5: Altair

This decidedly masculine master bath by Ownby Design features porcelain floor tiles, a floating backsplash with glass mosaic tiles, and custom-built maple cabinets with a dark finish. The vanity cabinet is topped with Silestone Altair that gives the room a warm feel.

Large master bath and vanity topped with Silestone's® Altair Quartz

Large master bath and vanity topped with Silestone’s Altair Quartz

Silestone® Countertop Color #6: Stellar Series

Silestone® also comes in a variety of very bold colors. Its Stellar Series includes a bright white (Stellar Snow), a glossy black (Stellar Night), and deep red (Eros Stellar). You can see Eros Stellar in this modern kitchen designed by Meridien Interiors. The neutral gray floors and white cabinets are a high contrast with its red countertops.

Bold, red countertops by Silestone

Bold, red countertops by Silestone

Academy Marble & Granite is passionate about the variety of options offered by Silestone®. Come into one of our showrooms located in Bethel, CT and Rye, NY and we’ll show you our favorites. If you already have a specific stone you’d love to see in your home, you can request a free quote here.