When is the Right Time to Replace Kitchen Countertops?

When to replace your kitchen countertopsIf you are contemplating replacing your kitchen countertops, there are several important factors to consider. The best time for a kitchen upgrade depends on your situation and when it’s convenient for you and your family.

Academy Marble & Granite can upgrade your kitchen counters in seven days or less. We’re ready to spring into action. However, despite our enthusiasm, we do want the timing to be right for you too. Before you decide, review the following considerations.

Are your current counters damaged?

Chips, burn marks or cracks mar hard surfaces, including tile and synthetic countertops like Corian®. Laminate surfaces can have separated seams, tears, and gashes from overzealous cutting and chopping. Butcher block can be re-sanded a limited number of times before they become too thin and need to be replaced. Tile grout erodes over time and can be repaired. However, the water that has seeped through over time may damage the subsurface material and require it to be replaced to avoid structural damage (mold, wood rot). Damage to counter surfaces is unattractive and it can also be harder to clean or unsanitary. Damaged counters should be replaced. You can view the cost of natural stone countertops here.

Do you want to increase your estate’s value?

Homebuyers love updated kitchens and bathrooms. Having current and high-quality built-in components is key to a high resale value. Since Academy Marble & Granite only carries high-end and luxury natural stone, any choice you make from our collections will make a solid contribution to your home’s market value.

This is especially true if your home still has its original builder-grade materials. If the home was built on spec, they are usually low-value, neutral, and rather dull in an attempt to appeal to a broad audience. Oftentimes, they reflect what was most popular at the time the house was being built. They often appear dated, rather than classic.

Have you changed your cooking or dining style?

Sometimes, the “dream kitchen” of the house you bought ten years ago, no longer suits your cooking style. Have you noticed that you’ve only used that wood-burning pizza oven twice in the last five years? And, now that you think about it, one of those times was to heat the kitchen when the power was out after a storm. Would replacing this with countertop space be more practical for your every day use?

Do you no longer use the grill set in your kitchen island? Would you rather replace it with a seamless natural stone surface in a waterfall design; perfect for rolling out Pâte brisée dough for your tarte Tatin? Replace the countertops on your island, and your French-pastry dreams may come true.

Your kitchen is out of style

Does your kitchen no longer inspire you? It’s just not who you are now, it feels tired and it’s time for something new. However, an entire kitchen overhaul takes a lot of planning and preparation to get the job done. Not to worry — just upgrading your kitchen countertops is an easy and less costly way to create a big impact on the aesthetics of your entire kitchen.

Replace kitchen countertops

You’re in love with a new kitchen look

Maybe the average person walking into your kitchen would think it was elegant or beautiful, but alas, you don’t. It’s OK we totally get it.

It’s been thirty issues of Elle Décor, and hundreds of articles saved to your Pinterest “Kitchen—Ideas Board” since the last time you redecorated a room. You can’t possibly wait any longer and you know exactly what you want for your new kitchen look.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of moving to a modern color palette of palest pastels, and rose— gold fixtures, and incorporating a unique countertop material like Cosentino in Rose Quartz. Or perhaps you would like to change to a more organic, vaguely 70s vibe. No, you don’t want macramé owls, but you would love natural stone countertops made of Quartzite in a subtle shade like Sea Pearl.

Do you have time for countertop selection and installation

Though we can quickly and efficiently replace your countertops in seven days or less, you’ll still have to set aside time to make arrangements and select which natural stone you’d like to use. There will be minimal interruption to your routine as you clear off your old countertops, and we bring in your fabulous, new ones. Take a look at your calendar and let us know when the time is right for you.

Are you ready to replace your kitchen countertops?

We would love to help you choose the right natural stone that suits your needs. If you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration, feel free to visit our 3,500 square foot showroom and indoor warehouse to source the perfect marble, granite, quartz or quartzite for your project.

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