Fall in Love with these 5 Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Get You Ready for the Holidays

kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas- academy marbleAutumn’s falling leaves line a path that leads right to the holiday season. It’s time to remodel for the holidays so that you and your guests enjoy each gathering in style and comfort. At Academy Marble, getting your kitchen or bathroom ready for the holidays is our specialty. Our countertop and vanity updates can be completed in seven days or less for a quick turnaround and little disruption before the holidays. 

Consider the following holiday remodeling ideas to make your home the destination for holiday events.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

During holiday soirees, it’s natural that house guests will gravitate towards the kitchen. It’s called “the heart of the home” for a reason. Whether they’re actively helping or just trying to steal cookie dough, your guests are bound to the kitchen. Brace impact; it should be a functional and beautiful area for holiday celebrations.

Holiday baking and feasts require extensive counter space. Smooth and durable natural stone countertops like granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz are the best choices for kitchen preparation. In addition to upgrading the look and style of your kitchen counters, a great designer can add counter space to your kitchen by building an island, rearranging appliances, increasing counter depth, or adding countertops to adjoining spaces, like a butler’s pantry.

Wondering about the cost of natural stone countertops for your kitchen or bathroom? See our cost breakdown here.

1. An Island Oasis in Your Kitchen

Adding an island to your kitchen adds maximum versatility. Islands act as extra counter space for decorating cookies, all manner of meal preparations, and gift wrapping. Adding an island is a remodeling idea that changes the way you entertain, especially around the holidays.

Islands can substantially improve efficiency in your kitchen, especially if you regularly host large gatherings. Use the extra space an island provides to add an additional sink, dishwasher, grill, knife drawer or more storage for your seasonal dishes and crystal.

The far side of an island provides seating for guests and children and gets them out from underfoot. When the feast is ready, use your island to lay out all the decadent holiday goodies you’ve made.

Remodeling Ideas - Rye CT

Baker’s note: Gourmet recipes suggest making pastry like Pate Brisee or croissant dough, and candies like fondant and chocolate curls on a smooth chilled surface. These are traditionally made on marble surfaces, either on chilled marble slabs or a counter chilled before use. Discuss the pros and cons of using various natural stone countertops for food preparation with your design professional.

2. Winter White Natural Stone

Adding winter white natural stone to your kitchen or bathroom vanity is a beautiful remodeling idea for the holidays. Traditional holiday décor in shades of red and green look beautiful paired with white counters. Similar to the natural colors of winter landscapes found on holly berries, evergreen foliage, and snow, your countertops can “pop!” for most winter-themed decorations.

Quartzite is a natural stone which can be found in shades of white, but it has one magical quality -it contains tiny quartz crystals that sparkle in sunlight and artificial light. Just like sparkling snowflakes, a red and green, red and white, or pastel motif can beautifully compliment dazzling Quartzite counters.

3. Remodeling Ideas for Powder Rooms and Guest Bathrooms

If you anticipate hosting a party or house guests for the holidays, take a look at your current powder room and guest bathrooms. Do they feel current, or do fixtures, sinks, and counters need an update? Hosts often forget about rooms they don’t use themselves until right before a party when it’s too late. It’s time to check each of these rooms to make sure they reflect the same attention to detail as the rest of your home’s décor. If there’s one thing that guests appreciate, it’s finding well-appointed guest rooms and baths that feel luxurious and sleek.

Sneaking a peek at upcoming bathroom trends for 2019, designers are ushering in a new feeling of simplicity in both colors and shapes. Bold tile, countertops and flooring choices of recent years are replaced with muted natural colors, and understated natural textures and designs. Imagine a sixties-modern vibe juxtaposed with the muted organic colors of pale water, mushrooms, and moss. Very hip!

To bring this new vision to your bathroom consider adding countertops in beautiful taupe or light grey tones. Because it’s manufactured and is perfectly smooth, with no natural imperfections, Quartz counters like Caesarstone with plain, flat edges are a perfect choice for the modern feel of new bathroom styles. Consider the subtle neutral color of Caesarstone’s Cloudburst Concrete for your remodel.

4. Modern and Festive

A neutral remodel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy festive holiday decorations. A muted color palette in holiday décor with soft greens, blues, and grays can be the accent you need. Neutral palettes mix beautifully with metallic tones. Don’t be afraid to put a pewter-sequined reindeer in your neutral bathroom. He’ll feel right at home.

Host tip: New towels, sheets, and blankets for each new set of house guests will make you their favorite host. On vacation, don’t we all want to be a little spoiled?

5. Fireplace Mantel Updates

A home ready for holiday entertaining must have a gathering space with lots of comfortable seating, surfaces for food and drink and a dramatic focal point. A large beautiful fireplace mantel makes the perfect living room focal point. Custom mantels can be created for your home to decorate a real or faux fireplace. Ornate custom-carved marble mantels compliment stately traditional homes.

Remodeling Idea: fireplace

Modern mantles can be made with all types of natural stone material. As a mantel is intended to be a focal point, a mantel and its surround can be made with a showy, dynamic material like Delicatus granite. If you have a bar in your great room, upgrade its countertop to match your mantel. It’s a great way to tie a room together.

At Academy Marble & Granite, we eagerly await the holiday season as it’s a designer’s delight. Contact us today to get started with your holiday remodeling ideas. And we really mean today! All of our kitchen and bathroom updates can be completed in seven or less days. Now, we have time to complete your remodel by the holidays, but that window is closing fast.