Dekton Aura Countertops

Engineered Stone Inspired by Calacatta and Carrara Marble

Dekton aura countertops
Dekton Aura Countertops

Long favored for its beauty and pristine nature, porcelain has recently become a popular material for countertop surfaces. Porcelain is an engineered stone made from kaolinite clay. Also known as china clay, this soft white material composed of silica, mineral oxides, and feldspars is named after Kao-ling Hill in China, where it has been mined for centuries.

The clay is baked at temperatures reaching 2500 degrees, and once cooled, it hardens to produce a highly compact, dense surface — porcelain.

Today’s porcelain is a bit different than its original counterpart, in that smart processes and inkjet production technologies have opened a world of possibilities in terms of color, texture and design. Enter Cosentino’s Aura 15 Porcelain. Paying homage to the most coveted marbles—Calcutta and Carrara—Aura evokes the veining and character of these natural surfaces.

Offered in an expansive array of exciting colors, textures and designs, porcelain can be made to look like many natural stone surfaces. Like marble, Aura Porcelain possesses a pristine white background fielded with varying shades of grey feathering and strong veining.

Porcelain as a countertop surface provides the beauty of marble with the hardiness and durability of quartz or granite. Cosentino’s Aura 15 porcelain is 30% harder than granite and quartz so this surface will hold up nicely to everyday wear and tear. It is non-porous, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant, making it ideal for countertops where food prep safety is a must.

When engineered and installed professionally, porcelain makes a valuable long-term investment as it is made to last for a lifetime. For those who desire environmentally friendly materials, porcelain countertops are considered green and can also be recycled.

As with marble, Aura Porcelain’s white and grey neutral coloring melds beautifully with many other kitchen and bathroom materials and fixtures. We are seeing an exciting trend in cabinetry finishes taking hold with homeowners starting to turn away from dark wood or white cabinets and look towards vibrant colored or black cabinetry. Aura’s neutral coloring allows it to pop against black, navy, forest green, yellow and even red cabinets. 

For those who like a softer farmhouse look, this marble-like porcelain marries beautifully with matte gray, white or natural wood cabinets. To amp the aesthetic of this pairing, consider going with faucets and fixtures in unexpected contrasting finishes like brass, rose gold, or matte black.

A porcelain tile backsplash and floors in white or gray will complement the marble nicely whether you choose light or dark-colored cabinets. Small pieces of cut porcelain also make great open shelves in the kitchen or bath and accentuate window ledges and fireplace surrounds terrifically.

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