Dekton Sirius Countertops

Bold and Brillant Engineered Stone

Dekton Sirius Countertops
Dekton Sirius Countertops

For those drawn to the dramatic, Cosentino’s composite countertop surface, Dekton Sirius, delivers. This innovative product is engineered from a metamorphic mix of raw materials, including porcelain, glass and quartz. It’s a luxurious yet highly resistant countertop option for indoor or outdoor applications.

Dekton Sirius possesses a striking textural black shade with touches of green and a textured appearance. Whether used as kitchen or bath countertops, this visually striking surface can add a touch of drama and emotion to your space.

This hardy material delivers the best attributes of porcelain, glass and quartz. If you cook daily, entertain often, or have a busy household, your kitchen takes a beating. Dekton surfaces hold up to the rigors of modern life. For both indoor and outdoor kitchens, you’ll love the fact these composite countertops are highly resistant to etches, stains, heat and UV rays.

Dekton has zero-pores making it impervious to liquids and substances, including wine, coffee and acidic juices. Hot pans and pots can even go from stove to countertop without damage—high temperatures don’t affect Dekton’s aesthetic or properties. To prove the collection's durability and resistant nature, Dekton carries a 10-year warranty.

The versatile nature of Dekton also makes it a terrific choice for the bathroom. It stands up to daily use, moisture, and chemicals in beauty products that might damage other types of countertop surfaces.

Now more than ever, we are finding homeowners turning to more expressive color choices for their interior cabinetry. Dekton’s Sirius pairs beautifully with every color from grey to forest green to black to white.

For those wanting a high contrast modern style in the kitchen or bath, choose white or gray cabinetry with the inky blackness of Sirius countertops. On-trend forest green cabinets make an incredible visual set against the black shade of Sirius. 

For a rustic appearance, Sirius countertops can be coupled with wood finished cabinets with handsome results. A traditional kitchen will look stately with black Dekton countertops and gloss finished mahogany or cherry cabinets for those who like to stay with a classic look.

The solid color of Sirius countertops looks incredibly powerful when outfitting the kitchen or bath with matte black faucets, cabinet hardware and flooring.

For a contrast between countertop and faucet/hardware, consider gold or brass in a matte or polished finish for a truly luxurious aesthetic.

For outdoor kitchen applications, Dekton Sirius countertops will make quite the impression set atop stainless-steel cabinets. With its UV and water-resistant properties, these black countertops will hold up to sunny days as well as the inclement weather that the northeast is prone to experiencing. Use for the food prep station or bar for a durable surface you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

We look forward to assisting you with your selection and application of Dekton Sirius for your kitchen and bath countertops. Request a complimentary consultation to meet at our showroom & warehouse in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY today.

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