Dekton Entzo Countertops

A Warm, Luxurious Porcelain Surface

Dekton Entzo Countertops
Dekton Entzo Countertops

Inspired by Calacatta Gold marble, Dekton Entzo delivers all the beauty of the classic in one virtually indestructible package. Unlike traditional marble, a softer stone that may be prone to more easily chipping and staining if not properly protected or maintained, Dekton boasts incredible resistance properties ideal for use in high-use applications.

Sinterized Particle Technology is used to accelerate the metamorphic process that natural stone undergoes when exposed to high temperatures and pressure over the course of thousands of years. Dekton fuses and compresses a combination of porcelain, quartz and glass to create a dense and compact slab-like surface. This is how Dekton achieves its unique and durable aesthetic.

This intriguing surface by Cosentino is composed of up to 80% recyclable and considered to be a “green” countertop option. Celebrated for its sustainable nature, Dekton has found a following amongst green-minded homeowners and product purveyors, including those in the interior design, construction, and architecture industries.

At once warm and luxurious, Entzo’s enticing hues echo those of the highly coveted Calacatta Gold marble with its characteristic golden veins set against a pristine white canvas with a brilliantly smooth texture. This Dekton color is destined to become a classic itself.

Impervious and formidable, Dekton Entzo can be an ideal countertop surface for high-traffic kitchens and baths. In fact, this surface is considered to be one of the most scratch-resistant surfaces on the market.

Alternately, Dekton is a smart choice for outdoor applications such as the outdoor kitchen, patio, and bar. Harsh elements and daily life can take a toll on household surfaces from abrasions, scratches, stains, warm and freezing temperatures, and UV rays—Dekton withstands and resists all.

With an expansive format up to 320 X 144 cm, this engineered natural surface works tremendously well for a massive kitchen island or wall applications. This means that porcelain countertops can be made in large or odd sizes using fewer seams, unlike some natural stone options which slabs come in smaller sizes.

With its classic style mirroring that of Calcutta Gold marble, Entzo makes a striking alternative when decorating in the kitchen or bath. For kitchens with an ample footprint, a large island topped with a solid slab of Entzo makes quite the eye-catching visual. Its golden feathered veining set against crisp white makes a gorgeous accent against any cabinetry finish from dark wood to white.

White surfaces paired with white cabinets boast a contemporary aesthetic. Grey or greige (a gray and beige combination) cabinets and white countertops lean towards a farmhouse style. Dark wood juxtaposed with the gold veined white surface of Entzo makes for a decidedly formal statement. With this in mind, Entzo makes for a highly versatile element within any home design.

Additionally, Entzo’s golden effects meld beautifully with all-metal faucet and hardware finishes, including matte or polished black, silver, nickel, brass, bronze, and rose gold. 

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