Santa-Cecilia Granite

Santa-Cecilia Granite - Rich with Burgunday Gold and Dark Gray

Santa-Cecilia Granite - Academy Marble, Rye NY
Santa-Cecilia Granite

Straight from the quarries of San Paolo, Brazil hails Santa-Cecilia Granite. Rich with burgundy gold and dark gray veins Santa-Cecilia Granite is a stone that captures key elements of cozy traditional styling. The golden elements of this stone pairs well with off-white, cream, black, cherry and muted toned cabinets. Oil rubbed bronze is a trending fixture finish and works beautifully with the Santa-Cecilia Granite.

This stone has a low variance pattern and is evenly toned. Veining is not nearly as abundant as other granites. The specks are substantially larger than other stones. From a functional standpoint, this a great stone to camouflage stains, crumbs or spills.

Utilized in virtually every room of the home: bathroom countertops, shower and walls, fireplace and kitchen countertops. When using this stone as a countertop, selecting a backsplash can be difficult due to the busy pattern. Keep the backsplash or surrounding elements simple and monochromatic. Allow the focus to remain on the granite.  

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