Delicatus Granite

Delicatus Granite - White, Black, Gray, And Gold Tones

Delicatus Granite - Academy Marble-Rye, NY
Delicatus Granite

Quarried in Brazil, this granite features white, black, gray, and gold tones. The gold tones can vary from a taupe, to a more caramel, or even peach shade. The veins are bold and variance in movement of the stone is what makes it unique.

Delicatus Granite coordinates well with most cabinet colors. Deeper tones like black and espresso cabinets contrast the stone particularly well. This illuminates the stones’ golden highlights.

This stone demands to be the focal point of room due to its impressive markings. Delicious Granite can be utilized as kitchen and bath countertop surface. It can also function as an eye-catching accent feature in a room. Incorporate this stone as a center island in kitchen or in the bathroom as a striking tub surround. Be sure to keep backsplash, floor and other room elements in softer patterns not to compete with its bold personality.

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