Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite - A Durable, Timeless Natural Stone

Colonial White Granite
Colonial White Granite

As one of the select few types of white granite that is quarried in India, instead of the more common Brazil quarries, Colonial White granite is a favorite natural stone for those who love the timeless look of white in their interior and exterior spaces.

This natural granite features a creamy off-white foundation highlighted with specks of black, and under certain light and angles, shiny silver flecks. Rosy pink mineral deposits add an additional element of beauty to the organic nature of the stone.

One of its most endearing characteristics is the variance in appearance from one slab of granite to the next. Some slabs may feature minimal speckling while having heavy mineral deposits or vice-versa. The colors can vary as well from lighter to darker depending upon the type of granite. The unique quality of each Colonial White granite slab means you’ll have the only countertop that looks just like yours.

With its subtle movements and intriguing variations, this creamy granite softens the aesthetic of any surface without sacrificing function and durability.

Granite has long made a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers alike, for its durable nature and hard, nonporous composition. This versatile stone has superior hardness making it scratch and stain-resistant.

Even with its light color, Colonial White granite makes an ideal choice for kitchen countertops used by active households with young children, prolific yet messy home chefs, and groups of family and friends when entertaining around the island. Its surface can withstand spills of wine, dark juices and fruits. Granite can also stand up to heat from hot dishes or red-hot pots and pans. However, we do recommend using trivets and hot plates when placing hot pots and pans on its surface.

While granite is durable and stain-resistant, it still must be maintained as you would any countertop when it is dirty or needs to be dusted. Using a clean damp cloth with mild soap or a granite cleaning product to clean daily will help enhance and preserve your granite.

In addition to its hardiness, white granite, such as the Colonial White granite, is highly desirable for its stylish and pristine aesthetic. This natural stone is commonly used in both residential and commercial applications. It can be used expansively on floors, walls, countertops, kitchen islands, backsplash, shower enclosures, and fireplace surrounds—in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Colonial White granite beautifully compliments any interior design from traditional to rustic and all styles in between. In the kitchen, this non-porous stone offers the ideal surface for the oft-used kitchen island and countertops. Draw out the black specs and rosy mineral deposits in the granite by pairing it with dramatic black cabinetry and dashes of rose pink in upholstery and window treatments. For a rustic bathroom, Colonial White granite contrasts handsomely with rough-hewn grey-toned woods and unfinished iron hardware. For a more traditional take, marry the granite with cherry cabinets and silver pulls to draw out the silver flecks and movement in the granite.

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