Crystal White Quartzite

Crystal White Quartzite Is Pale Perfection

Crystal White Quartzite
Crystal White Quartzite

Finding the right white stone countertop to complement your breezy, tonal kitchen or master bath is no easy feat. While there are so many breathtaking options in marble, granite, and quartzite, these stones do present their own set of considerations.

For example, you may be drawn to the look of marble, but your busy household may require a stronger, harder surface to keep up with daily use. Also, while many granite varieties are spectacular, the high drama of this unique stone may prove to be too much for your serene kitchen design.

Quartzite offers the best of both worlds, with soothing patterns and a Mohs hardness rating of 7 (even harder than granite). Whether you’re planning an all-white design or looking for contrast between countertops and cabinets, you’re going to love the dreamy aesthetic of Crystal White quartzite.

This stunning quartzite variety is quarried in China and Brazil, although it is sometimes known by other names一China White, Albino White, and Crystal White, to name a few. Stone from both locations features a bright, white background mixed with soft, pale gray patches.

Crystal White quartzite also notably exhibits a crystalline structure that imbues the surface with striking luminescence and translucent quality, adding incredible dimension and eye-catching appeal. However, Brazilian slabs tend to include sparse dark brown to black striations, lending additional pattern, depth, and versatility to countertop surfaces.

Whether you like the arctic chill of slabs quarried in China or you prefer the hint of earthiness scattered throughout Brazilian slabs, Crystal White quartzite will make for a sophisticated and timeless addition to any kitchen or bathroom space. Naturally, it pairs exceptionally well with white cabinetry, backsplash material, and stainless steel appliances, fixtures, and hardware.

It will also provide a dramatic contrast to black cabinetry or draw on the tones in various shades of gray cabinets or backsplash materials. Brazilian slabs featuring brown striations will look gorgeous with rich, warm wood tones, while tranquil slabs from quarries in China should pair perfectly with pale blond or ashy wood.

Either option would also look lovely atop modern, colored cabinetry, especially in cool, trendy tones of dark blue or green. With navy, royal blue, and teal hues serving as popular choices for cabinetry, you’ll have no trouble creating a balanced interior design that refreshes your space.

If you really want to make a splash, but you don’t lean toward cooler colors, consider matching up a Brazilian slab to a dark, burgundy shade of cabinets or dark wood with a cherry stain. This will help to keep your kitchen warm and highlight the darker striations in your quartzite slab.

You’ll be happy to discover that strong, durable quartzite is ideal for busy homes, especially with kids. Quartzite is resistant to heat, staining, UV fading, scratching, etching, chipping, cracking, and other common forms of damage.

Quartzite is also easy to clean and maintain. Abrasive cleansers should be avoided to prevent harm to the sealant, but you can generally clean with little more than a damp cloth, gentle soap and water, or a stone cleaner that cleanses and shines the surface. Like all natural stone surfaces, quartzite countertops should be sealed regularly to preserve a pristine appearance.

If you’re ready to choose your perfect slab of Crystal White quartzite, Academy Marble & Granite has just what you’re looking for. Visit one of our convenient showrooms in Bethel, CT or Rye, NY to speak with a friendly and experienced professional and get started with your home upgrade project.

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