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The World’s Leading Supplier of Quartz

What is Silestone©?

Introduced in 1990, Silestone is the leading world supplier of quartz surfaces for both residential and commercial kitchens and bathrooms. Silestone is a segment of the family-owned Cosentino Group who export innovative surfaces to over 80 countries. The Cosentino name features product offerings from three industry known brands including Dekon, Sensa and Natural Stone.

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What makes Silestone so unique is its composition of natural Quartz and other raw materials. Quartz is an extremely durable and scratch resistant surface. This is one reason homeowners love using this manufactured stone for their kitchen and bathroom countertops, bathrooms and flooring. Natural stones, such as marble are porous and can easily stain from acids, oils, coffee, wine, and soft drinks. With quartz, you do not need to worry about these offenders staining your countertop. Silestone quartz is a non-porous surface and wipes away these spills with complete ease.

Beyond practicality, what truly sets Silestone apart from the rest is its intricate design capabilities. Silestone is available in more than 80 different colors and a range of texture and options. The product offering is user-friendly and incredibly straightforward. Silestone has streamlined the process; no wonder it’s a favorite among designers and homeowners alike!

Personalize Your Project with Silestone©

In the world of design, customization is king. Silestone’s color options, textures, and formats are completely tailor-made to the individual. Electrifying colors made up of pink, red, yellow, orange, aqua blue, valiantly showcase distinct style. The Silestone website caters to a range of styles by offering sample looks from each design category, from Modern to Vintage, Rustic, American and Scandinavian appeal. Silestone can mimic authentic natural stone for a traditional look that’s enhanced with durability.

Silestone quartz can be customized by:

  • Color: options ranging from bold green to Calacatta Gold.
  • Style: plain, veined, fine grain, coarse grain.
  • Finish: polished, suede (matte) or volcano (rustic).
  • Edging: straight beveled, basic eased, bullnose, ogee, mitered and demo-bullnose.

Built to Last

The industry leader stands behind its product. Silestone is the only brand that offers a 25 year limited transferable certified warranty in writing. Initiating a household renovation project can seem overwhelming at first, having piece-of-mind during this time is key. Silestone quartz undergoes strict quality control measures, ensuring consumer confidence.

The longevity and proven success of the Silestone brand are evident in the quality designs it produces. Silestone is an excellent choice for a well-designed space that can stand the test of time.

Academy Marble & Granite will assist in the ease of ordering and installing Silestone quartz. To gain inspiration for your project, view Silestone’s gallery here.

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