Black Galaxy Granite Makes the Perfect Halloween Kitchen

Black Galaxy Granite - KitchenBlack cats, black hats, and plenty of black decorations make for the perfect Halloween spirit. But, homeowners with Black Galaxy granite countertops definitely have the perfect Halloween Kitchen! This stunning natural stone makes an ideal backdrop for Halloween decorations, parties and holiday get-togethers. It’s highly stain resistant, making it a great countertop for people who enjoy entertaining. However, this black countertop will do more than impress party goers at Halloween. It’s a durable, low-maintenance, year-round, classic color make for the most sophisticated and luxurious Connecticut homes and kitchens.

About Black Galaxy Granite

Although it’s called “black,” Black Galaxy Granite actually has small gold or white flecks throughout the stone, making it look like you’re seeing a far-off galaxy of stars shimmering on your natural stone countertop. This is how the stone coined its name. It comes in a number of finishes including polished and honed, depending on the look you want. It’s available in both slabs and tiles.

This granite comes from India, and according to the experts, as a rule, it’s very stain resistant. As far as natural stone countertops go, it’s one of the most resilient stones available. It’s so resistant to stains that it’s one of the few surfaces that can’t be sealed – the sealer cannot be absorbed by this stone. In fact, most liquids evaporate before creating a stain. Unlike marble, rings from party drinks won’t be left behind, which is often music to a homeowner’s ears.

Black Galaxy Granite is relatively new to the world of home renovation. Since hitting the market in the late 1970’s-1980’s, it’s become incredibly popular for both kitchen and bathroom design. The deep darkness of the stone, along with the number of naturally occurring gold and white colored flecks, make it a strong visual presence in any room, but especially when used for kitchen counters and islands.

Don’t Get Tricked by Doctored Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite Example

Black Galaxy Granite

Just as Halloween goers show up at your door wearing masks and costumes for “Tricks or Treats,” Black Galaxy Granite can show up at your door wearing a mask, too.

Because of the high demand for this stunningly beautiful stone,  unscrupulous business owners have been known to doctor lower grade black granite with dyes and oils such as linseed oil, to darken the surface of the stone. Pre-packaged color enhancers are often used to darken the stone as well.

The consumer rarely notices this until the stone starts to fade, which is the first clue that it has been doctored. Black Granite (including Black Galaxy Granite) should never fade. The apparent fading you see is actually from the lighter color of the stone being revealed. Over time, the dyes and oils are removed from cleaning and use (even simply soap and water cleaning), exposing the lighter, less desirable, stone.

How To Avoid Being “Tricked” Instead of Treated

Of course, the best way to avoid being tricked into purchasing dyed or treated Black Galaxy Granite rather than the real deal is to only work with reputable stone fabricators and sources, like Academy Marble and Granite, who only sell quality Black Galaxy Granite and other natural stones. Dealing with a reputable fabricator is the best defense against purchasing natural stone countertops that have not been altered. Academy Marble offers one of the area’s largest selections of natural stone and some of most well-respected brands of expertly engineered surfaces. You can check out our product selection here.

Cost and Quality of Natural Stone Countertops

As with any natural stone, there are grades of stone quality based on various factors. This is true for Black Galaxy Granite as well. The three qualities that have the biggest impacts on price and overall visual quality of this stone are lines (veins), galaxy size, and galaxy distribution.

Black Galaxy Granite in the Kitchen

Black Galaxy Granite can have lines or veining running through it because it’s a natural stone. This “veining” is what gives other stones, like marble, their beauty, but this veining is not a desirable quality in black granite. It’s the absence of this veining that homeowners and designers want. The fewer the veins, the higher the quality.

There are four grades of black granite:
Grade A – no lines
Grade B – one or two black lines
Grade C – more than two black lines
Grade D – many black and white lines

The second quality of Black Galaxy Granite is the gold or metallic colored fleck of bronzite. These flecks are called “galaxy” and their size determines the quality of the stone. The desirability of the size ranges from large, the most highly desired, rare and expensive, to the medium and then the small galaxy.

If you’re looking for a natural stone that will fit into any kitchen design, you can’t go wrong with Black Galaxy Granite. Interested in a kitchen or bathroom renovation using Black Galaxy Granite for your home? Schedule a consultation today to see how Academy Marble can help!