Compac Quartz

Bold, Brilliant Compac Quartz Elevates Every Interior

compac approved fabricatorCompac has a storied history that started in 1975 when it became the first Spanish company to offer engineered stone surfaces. Since then, the company has grown to support a staff of more than 400 professionals, with an output of 4.5 million square meters of product annually between manufacturing facilities in Spain and Portugal.

Academy Marble & Granite is proud to partner with this renowned, multinational company in offering beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly products designed to elevate your interior while meeting your practical needs. What sets Compac quartz countertops apart and makes it an ideal upgrade for your busy household?

Functional Surfaces that Fit Your Life

Engineered quartz has gained popularity as a practical alternative to natural stone, delivering incredible benefits for modern homeowners. Not only can it be made to look like your favorite marble and granite varieties, but it’s as strong and durable as natural stone, if not more so.

Compac quartz products are designed with especially high levels of resistance, preventing common damage like staining, scratching, and etching, not to mention issues associated with humidity and spills. This material is also non-porous, making it a food-safe surface that resists the buildup of dirt and germs.

Aesthetics to Suit Every Style

Whether your home style is traditional or your personal preference is a minimalist design, you’ll find a Compac quartz variety to perfectly suit your needs. There are several stone-look options to choose from, with classics like Calacatta and Marquina marble as well as bolder choices featuring chunky, black striations or gold veining over a soft, white background.

You could even choose a quartz surface with veining in green or violet hues if a bit more drama appeals to you. Maybe you like the look of a bright white or flat gray surface, or you’d rather have the low-variation pattern of a nougat that adds uniform visual texture. The sparkle of a Galaxy Black granite look or a colorful terrazzo may catch your eye.

You’ll find it all among the many design options offered by Compac. Unique and versatile, these surfaces imbue your home with exceptional beauty and a hefty dose of personality.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Natural Stone

Over the years, Compac has made incredible strides toward creating green products and processes. While engineered stone is more eco-friendly than natural slabs from the get-go (it’s manufactured rather than quarried), there’s a lot more to making it as eco-friendly as possible.

Currently, Compac’s responsible efforts include using recycled and recyclable materials, no or low silica content, and sustainable processes. The result is a product that is Greenguard, USGBC, and NSF certified.

If you’re like many consumers trying to do more for the planet with every purchase, Compac quartz offers an ideal means of updating your home while doing less harm.

Benefits of Adding Compac Quartz to Your Home

Busy households can benefit immensely from installing Compac quartz countertops. Whether you have kids making messes on a daily basis, your cat prowls the kitchen while you’re away, or your guests make a habit of sloshing red wine on your white counters, quartz offers a resilient surface that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Because they’re non-porous, quartz surfaces don’t require any special cleansers. You can wipe them down with water, dish soap, or all-purpose household cleaning solvents. Even more convenient? You’ll never have to seal this stone-look counter.

Compac quartz is available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of countertop needs, from bathroom vanities to kitchen islands and perimeter counters. You might be surprised how much surface area you can cover seamlessly. With so many gorgeous varieties to choose from, every homeowner can find the perfect look for their home and personal style.

Why Choose Academy Marble & Granite?

Choosing the best quartz countertop for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or other areas of the home can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Located conveniently in New York and Connecticut, we partner with leading engineered stone providers worldwide, including Caesarstone®, Cambria®, Cosentino® and Alleanza Quartz®. As one of the few quartz fabricators in Westchester and Fairfield County, we pride ourselves on being the go-to resource in the area.

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