White Akron Marble

White Akron Marble
White Akron Marble

As its moniker suggests, this bright white marble is quarried in Akron, OH, the birthplace of the toy marble industry in the late 1800s and now home to many companies who manufacturer marble slabs and building products for residential and commercial spaces.

If you are looking for a luxurious aesthetic and purposeful material for your home, White Akron marble offers the upscale beauty you are seeking. This elegant white marble captivates with its overall feathery grey veining and infrequent yet dramatic grey striations.

White marble has long been desired for its decadent nature. Originally, it was used for monuments, headstones, and in the palaces and estates of the royals and wealthy. Later, it would be used in traditional style interiors in the kitchen or bath. Today, white marble translates across many design styles from ultra-modern to minimalist to farmhouse. From fireplace surrounds to countertops to floors, this natural stone is timeless and versatile enough to be used in today’s households and businesses. 

For a glamorous look in the bathroom, visualize this sparkling white marble on the countertop and backsplash. The shiny surface will catch the light just right with a refractive gleam. Matte nickel or polished stainless hardware and faucets will pull out the grey veining in the marble beautifully. Dark grey or black cabinetry will provide a dramatic contrast against the pristine white marble.

In the kitchen, White Akron marble makes a stunning visual when placed atop a large island and corresponding countertops. For a light and airy modern look, pair the marble with gloss white or light grey cabinetry and nickel or stainless faucets and appliances. For a dramatic contrast, go with the popular black cabinetry and black faucets. Either way, the white marble will provide a beautiful aesthetic and coveted spot to enjoy meals with family and friends.

A natural stone material, marble is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals. Unlike other natural stone materials like quartz or granite, natural marble is prone to staining and scratching and must be properly maintained and cared for to keep its beauty and function.

Please note, individual slabs of White Akron Marble are wholly unique, possessing its own color, depth, and veining. We suggest finding a knowledgeable natural stone fabricator to assist you in finding the ideal slab for your purpose and placement. We invite you to visit our showrooms in Rye, NY and Bethel, CT or contact us to explore all the possibilities of marble in your space.

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