New York Countertops to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Design

Quartz in New York Kitchens

New York fashion isn’t just about what people are wearing on the street or where they go to eat. It’s baked into the very fabric of this bustling metropolis, creating innovative designs that can inspire even your kitchen to remodel. Here are a few current countertop trends you might want to incorporate in your next home upgrade project. Here is all you need to know about New York countertops.

Bold Patterns for Statement New York Countertops

Subtle marble and low-variation granite varieties can certainly imbue your kitchen with a sense of serenity and leave room for bolder choices with other design elements, such as a mosaic backsplash tile or colored cabinets. However, one of the hottest rising trends in New York countertops is bold patterns that make a definitive statement.

Distinctive veining and dramatic patterns are all the rage, adding visual interest to kitchens that have long erred on the side of caution with neutral tones and minimal variation.

Options like Alaska White granite or MSI Calacatta Laza Night quartz — featuring a cool white background and chunky, charcoal veining — are just the ticket to creating a focal point.

If you’re currently loving the maximalist kitchen trend, consider starting with a bold countertop before layering in colors, textures, and patterns with backsplash tile, wallpaper, and fixtures.

Quartzite in New York

Greige Color Palettes

Greiges, which are a blend of gray and beige colors, have become the new darling of neutrals as people grow tired of the cooler grays that dominated interior design over the past several years. These warmer grays offer a happy medium that works with both warm and cool palettes, and they make a welcoming starting point for any room design.

If you’re not in love with the idea of greige cabinets or wall paint, consider a counter surface that serves up greige tones. Picasso granite, featuring a gray background with veining in white, gold, and brown, has all the elements of greige tones with bold, eye-catching patterns.

Or you could opt for a quartz design like MSI Antico Cloud, featuring swirls of soft white, taupe, and contrasting dark gray. Greiges offer a modern twist on the gray neutral trend that brings warmth and versatility to your New York countertops.

Matching Slab Counter and Full-Height Backsplash

Tile has long been the go-to backsplash pairing for marble, granite, and quartz countertops. While it’s not hard to find complementary tile options that elevate the entire kitchen design, choosing can be difficult, and you have to consider potential issues like tile patterns becoming outdated or grout needing frequent cleaning.

Perhaps this is why matching slab backsplashes to counter surfaces has become a popular design choice.

This Westchester, NY, kitchen featuring Danby marble counters is a beautiful example of how extending marble from the counter to a full-height backsplash can really create focus and cohesion in your space. It also adds ease for cleaning and maintenance since all the surfaces are the same.

Marble in New York

Oversized Waterfall Islands

Waterfall islands are a gorgeous addition to any modern kitchen. When you carry marble or granite seamlessly over the edge and let it cascade down to the floor, it amplifies the visual impact of your chosen stone and creates a statement piece within your space.

The latest trend in New York countertops involves adding waterfall counters to oversized islands to really show off the stature of this central gathering spot. Oversized islands offer tons of extra storage, with room to spare for a prep sink or stovetop.

You could also use them for added prep space and seating, as in this contemporary New York kitchen featuring gorgeous Calacatta marble on the island and perimeter countertops.

Farmhouse Finishes

Everything old is new with this modern kitchen design style that includes the use of rustic elements like brickwork, heavy-grained wood, and natural stone. The trick with choosing the right countertops for this style is looking for colors and patterns that have a warm, rustic appeal.

This cozy, custom New York kitchen offers a great example. The texture of plaster walls and the graining of wooden cabinets and flooring could easily outshine a subtle marble or quartz.

However, the Breccia Paradiso granite in shades of beige and brown is perfectly suited to the cream walls and wood cabinets, while the chunky, tempestuous patterns lend organic appeal that catches the eye.

If you want something a little less dramatic, consider the soothing striations of quartzite for your rustic New York countertops instead.

Quartz in New York

The Cult of Quartz

Engineered quartz has worked its way up the food chain when it comes to New York countertops, and it’s not hard to see why.

Made from over 90% crushed quartz and paired with binding resins and pigments for color, engineered quartz offers the same strength and durability as natural stone but with minimal maintenance (no sealing) and the antimicrobial appeal of a nonporous surface.

It can be made to look like popular natural stone options, such as Calacatta or Carrara marble or leathered Absolute Black granite. You’ll also find a range of unique designs that are purely quartz.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your kitchen upgrade, New York homes are often at the forefront of interior design. When you find a counter surface you love, visit Academy Marble & Granite in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, to find the slab that speaks to you.