Design Trends – Modern Bathroom Ideas for 2018

Design Trends - Modern Bathroom Ideas for 2018Spring has sprung and immediately thoughts of remodeling leap to mind. We’re not sure what the connection is; the cold may have us dreaming about amazing summer parties and wowing our guests. After a winter stuck inside with nothing to do but snuggle up with cocoa, Elle Décor, and our iPads to research interior trends on Pinterest, I guess something has to be upgraded, or all that time and study will be a waste.

Everyone is in the bathroom

Designer’s that is. Bathrooms seem to be the “it” room for innovative design this year. There are many new ideas to consider. Here are some of our favorites.

The Powder Room

The small space of the Powder Room has always been a designer’s favorite. First, it only needs to have a functioning commode and a sink; it’s not overwhelmed by the utility needed from a full bath. Secondly, its small square-footage provides a great space to experiment with bold looks, wild colors and busy wallpapers that would just be too much in a larger space.

Make a statement with your vanity

If you are truly prepared for drama, consider incorporating Ultra Violet, Pantone’s color of the year for 2018. You don’t want to go too crazy with a truly vibrant color like Ultra Violet, but if you keep the rest of the powder room neutral you could incorporate one of Cosentino’s really exciting options for your vanity: Amethyst from Cosentino’s Prexury line. The Amethyst color is actually made of natural amethyst (which is a form of quartz) and appears to be a kaleidoscope of amethyst slices. Natural amethyst has both blue-violet, and red-violet, tones that make this surface more versatile; pair it with cold or warm neutral hues. The Prexury line also includes Wild Agate -a mix of neutral grey tones and Prussian blues, and Angel Jasper -mixing emerald greens with milk-chocolate browns and blush tones.

No builder’s mirrors

If you have a standard builder’s mirror in your powder room, exchange it for something with a more custom appeal like a frameless mirror in the shape of your choice: round, oval, square or scalloped. You can also frame a mirror in any type of frame. Your local picture framer could help you design something just right for your décor, or you can choose from an endless number of existing mirror options both new and vintage.

Light it up

One of this year’s 2018 bathroom trends, perfect for powder rooms, are unique light fixtures. Designers are showing a variety of interesting fixtures for baths and since the powder room doesn’t need the same task lighting as a full bath you can really have fun with it. Many designers are showing pairs of vertical light fixtures that are used in matched pairs, one on each side of the mirror. Brass and matte gold light fixtures are having a moment, especially those with glass elements that are oversized globes or tube-shaped.

Changes for your full bath

The hottest trend for full baths are wet rooms, Wet rooms encompass showers and a free-standing tub in one easy to clean space that’s surrounded by glass. If you don’t have space for a true wet room, you can get a hint of the look by enclosing your shower or shower and tub with a floating glass surround (it appears to have no fixtures) or a metal frame enclosure whose grid format gives it the appearance of French doors.

Marble everywhere

Marble on all surfaces – floors, shower surrounds, and countertops – is trending for 2018. Designers are mixing it up by using marble in various formats. Marble slabs are installed for shower accent walls, and marble tiles from tiny to oversized are placed on floors and surrounds. For sleek modern baths, our White Thassos Marble would be ideal for countertops, or if your style is more traditional consider countertops fabricated with our white and gray, Bianco Carrara Marble.

New fixtures and vessel sinks

If you like the idea of a mostly white bath, consider adding in another new idea: matte-black bathroom fixtures. These look so fresh; everyone will know your bath has recently had a makeover.

Vessel sinks that sit on top of your marble vanity countertops have been around for years, but this year they are coming on strong in a variety of truly custom options. You can find them carved from natural stones, fired in artisan kilns, or made of hand-blown glass, and with theme decorations like koi fish, and mermaids.

Freestanding furniture

Lastly, if your bath is big enough, consider adding a piece of freestanding furniture for storage. The rich wood of a mahogany French armoire, or an oak Mission-style library bookcase, makes a great place for extra towels and bathrobes. It also adds earthy warmth to bathrooms that have increasingly become smooth and plain.

If you’ve got spring decorating-fever and would like to redo your bathrooms we’d love to hear from you. We’re ready to spring into action and explore these new design ideas. Contact us.

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