8 LG Viatera Quartz Colors to Incorporate into Your Home

LG Viatera Quartz Colors

Viatera is a type of quartz that is all-natural and 93% crystalline. In order to be used as one of the most elegant materials for luxury countertops, the stunning quartz is crushed and blended with high-quality resin binders. The gorgeous result includes more than 300 color designs and style combinations.

Choosing which color you will include in your kitchen design is an exciting yet difficult decision for homeowners in New York in Connecticut, with many varieties to choose from!

The word “Viatera” means “by way of the earth” in Italian. These quartz countertops are associated with the LG Hausys brand, although they originally were affiliated with the South Korean company LG, which produces everything from chemicals to electronics.

The manufacturing process makes Viatera quartz countertops a top-rated choice for kitchens of all sizes, motifs, and color schemes.

Everyone loves quartz countertop surfaces for their non-porous nature, durability, resistance to stains and heat, and of course, the fascinating color options. We also can’t forget to mention the fact that the finished surface requires no sealing at all!

The Colors of Viatera Quartz

Viatera Quartz

Viatera Quartz

So how is anyone going to have an easy time choosing a single color out of 300 candidates for their LG Viatera quartz countertops?

The color selections are rich and all-natural and range from dramatic and penetrating to soft and comforting. The varying levels of granulation within the finished surface of the counters offer a richness that is unique to Viatera.

Most of the Viatera color patterns are understated, as is the case with   The color tiles are 4mm thick and can be bonded to any countertop material, offering superior design flexibility.

8 LG Viatera Quartz Colors for Your Kitchen

The best Viatera quartz colors are those that will create stunning visual interest in your kitchen, bath, and more. Make sure that you also consider the stone finish you want, whether it’s a matte finish or a glossy one.

Here are eight color suggestions that are sure to elevate your kitchen design.

Carbo Brushed Black

Carbo Brushed Black

1.    Carbo Brushed Black

This elegant color will create an airy, open space despite its darkness. It works well with any decor style and makes a luxurious universal option for homeowners with large kitchens who want to add a deep, inviting touch.  color is also available in a honed finish.

2.    Adagio Gold White

Ideal for spaces bright and airy spaces like this kitchen in New York, Adagio Gold White is a spectacular LG Viatera quartz color inspired by the patterns of swirling shadows and lights that are found in marble. Many home designers enjoy the unique gold tones of the countertop color, which gives any bath or kitchen a luxurious aesthetic.

3.    Marvel White

Another gorgeous quartz color option to consider is the Viatera Marvel.  features a subdued white and gray base color with strong gray marbling. The result is a striking quartz countertop that commands attention in an equally striking kitchen or bath.

Marvel White

4.    Everest Gray

If you’ve been looking for an LG Viatera quartz color that is bright and gray, Everest might be what you want. Add contrast and visual interest to the room with silver tones that pair beautifully with warmer tones.

As you can see this color is stunningly sophisticated when paired with darker colors to create splendid two-tone looks.

Everest Gray

5.    Royal Teak Ivory

Royal teak is a shade of ivory, but not your everyday ivory. It’s a more natural, darker shade that delivers a soothing, calm aesthetic to any space. It’s perfect

for complementing any decor because of its rich, deep brown undertone, as you can see in New York.

6.    Encore Bright Gray

Royal teak

Soft and shimmery, this gray LG Viatera quartz color is extremely popular in sophisticated homes that envelop muted tones. Encore works well in darker spaces too, like and it also brings a sense of calm to rooms with lighter decor.

7.    Intermezzo Tan

Earth tones like Intermezzo are beautiful additions to spaces that could use a little warmth. Intermezzo tan has a glossy finish to reflect light, which brightens   while reflecting highlights from nearby decor and appliances.

8.    Gotham Gray

Sleek and soothing, this Viatera quartz color coordinates well with other neutral tones like taupe and brown. If you want a subtle and in New York that isn’t overly stuffy, simple, or dramatic, you may want to consider Gotham. The matte appearance also provides an inviting appearance for rooms that have character.

Intermezzo Tan

Choosing the Right Viatera Color for Your Home

The best way to get an idea of the LG Viatera quartz colors that would fit perfectly in your kitchen or bath is to visit an Academy Marble & Granite showroom. Located in Bethel, CT, and Rye, NY.