5 Benefits of Using Daltile® Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bath

daltile quartz countertopsNaturally, every homeowner is going to have personal preferences when it comes to décor, especially when it pertains to a potentially large investment such as kitchen and bathroom countertops. While you want to respect your personal style sensibilities, when it comes to countertops, you have to also consider the utility of surfaces in your home.

With the popularity of natural stones, many homeowners neglect to consider quartz as an option. Not only can quartz deliver any look you want, but it also comes with a host of additional benefits that can make it the ideal surface for your countertop project.

Daltile is just one of many companies offering engineered quartz. Here are several practical and aesthetic features you’re sure to enjoy when you choose Daltile quartz for the kitchen, bathroom and other countertop surfaces in your home.

1. Strong, Durable Countertop Surfaces

Although quartz countertops are engineered surfaces, they’re often placed in the same category as natural stone like marble, granite and quartzite. Daltile uses more than 90% quartz in their ONE Quartz Surfaces®, pairing it with resins and polymers that act as binding agents, as well as coloring additives, in some cases.

The major benefit, aside from a product that has the same depth, dimension and variegation as other natural stone products, is that you get a countertop surface that is extremely strong and durable. In fact, quartz ranks as one of the hardest types of stone, surpassing even granite. 

2. Resistant to Damage

Because of the high quartz composition of engineered quartz surfaces and the binding agents used to ensure a strong and durable product, Daltile countertops are resistant to a wide range of potential damages common to these much-used surfaces in the home. Although not completely impervious to harm, resilient Daltile surfaces are resistant to scratches, chips, staining, and the effects of heat.

Whereas liquid spills might ruin other countertops by staining them, you won’t have to worry so much with quartz surfaces, which are non-porous and less likely to absorb stains. Even if stains do occur, they’re typically on the surface and can be easily removed with suitable cleaning agents. 

Engineered quartz is also resistant to moisture, which makes it a practical option for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms where humidity can be high. In addition, the low porosity helps to keep contaminants like bacteria, mold, and mildew from creeping in, ensuring cleaner and safer work surfaces. 

3. Minimal Maintenance for Your Convenience

One feature every homeowner is sure to love is the easy maintenance offered by Daltile quartz. As long as you make sure to rinse the surface thoroughly with water, you can preserve the dazzling shine of this surface indefinitely, with no need for sealing. You’ll just want to avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals like bleach that could etch the surface. It is, after all, made from natural stone.

4. Any Look You Like

Daltile delivers a wide range of options for color, pattern, shine and unique design features. From Datile’s Nature Series to city sleek West Village, ONE Quartz’s versatility provides a solution to any design style. 

If you want the look of natural stone slabs, you can find samples that are practically indistinguishable from marble or granite.  If you prefer a surface that features a more uniform appearance, you can choose Geo Flecks or Micro Flecks in a range of colors.  With so many options in quartz, you’re sure to find the look you like.

5. Eco-Friendly Countertop Materials and Company Practices

More and more homeowners are interested in doing their part to preserve the environment with their purchasing decisions, and Daltile quartz meets your needs on this score in a number of ways. For starters, 98% of their manufactured products contain pre-consumer recycled materials. In addition, Daltile has helped prevent an average of over 175 million pounds per year from ending up in our nation’s landfills. They also practice sustainability in their corporate offices, recycling an estimated 340 tons of paper and cardboard since 2003.  In other words, there are a lot of reasons to like Daltile, and you’ll gain endless benefits when you choose quartz countertops for the kitchen, bath and other countertop surfaces in your home.

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