Enigma Valley Quartz

Enigma Valley Quartz
Enigma Valley Quartz

Although it’s not difficult to get on board with the many practical benefits of quartz countertops, the one qualm many homeowners and business owners have about choosing this engineered surface material concerns appearance. Do designs meant to look like natural stone really mimic the quality and dimension of Mother Nature’s creations?

This concern poses a challenge that has kept quartz manufacturers occupied for decades, but the research and innovation have paid off with a number of incredible options sure to meet high expectations.

Enigma Surfaces, in particular, offers brilliant designs that feature not only the strength and durability of natural stone but also the stunning patterns and depth that create a true luxury aesthetic.

Enigma Valley quartz is a white, marble-look design that’s sure to become the statement piece of your kitchen or bathroom. With all the beauty of natural stone and endless practical benefits, there are plenty of reasons to put Enigma at the top of your list.

Crisp, Clean, Dazzling Design

Manufactured in Germany, Enigma Surfaces' quartz designs are intended to add style, sophistication, and luxury to any living space. The design you choose will also imbue your home's kitchen, bathroom, or other areas with personality and statement style.

Valley brings the pristine beauty of Tuscan marble to your interior with a brilliant white background and chunky veining in shades of gray. The veining pattern includes thick, translucent streaks overrun with a delicate crackle of sharper strokes. It’s both marble-like and unlike any marble you’ve ever seen before.

Bold yet soft, Valley embodies the tranquility of a snow-covered country lane while adding visual interest to a tonal design or a crisp counterpoint to darker palettes.

A Central Focus to Build On

Enigma Valley quartz is light, bright, and full of movement, making it a great choice to serve as the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom design. The variable pattern catches the eye, while the neutral palette lends itself to many traditional and modern design styles.

If you want to create a timeless, tranquil sanctuary, consider pairing this lovely quartz with cabinetry in pale, nude wood tones and metallic hardware and fixtures in a cool, wheat-hued gold. With clean lines and a minimalist design, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and warmth that characterize Scandinavian design styles.

Maybe you want something bolder to match your buoyant personality. Consider diving into the deep end with colored cabinetry in trendy hues like coral, magenta, or rich Spanish moss. If the cabinetry is too much, simply add color in your backsplash or with patterned wallpaper, which is enjoying a revival.

Naturally, this quartz also adds plenty of visual interest to a tonal, white kitchen. Or it could serve to soften the jarring juxtaposition of black and white elements in a classic, high-contrast design.

A Product Like No Other

If you’re already familiar with engineered quartz, you may know that it’s typically made up of over 90% crushed natural quartz, paired with resins and pigments for binding and adding color and pattern. Enigma quartz is a little different.

This innovative product is composed of a range of surprising elements, including gibbsite (a form of aluminum hydroxide) and silicon oxide, which combine to form a crystalline structure that is light and flexible but incredibly strong and durable.

Perhaps more impressive, however, is the reflective and translucent properties of the finished surface, which deliver the same dimension and depth that natural stones like marble and granite are prized for.

This paves the way for creating designs in colors and patterns that go beyond the surface, delivering a hyper-realistic appearance that could easily be mistaken for authentic stone.

From a practical standpoint, Enigma quartz is incredibly hard and resistant to impact damage, as well as scratching, chipping, cracking, and other forms of harm. The addition of NEOS (nano enhancement of surfaces) technology creates a barrier that repels stains and resists a wide range of chemical substances.

When you install Enigma Valley surfaces in your home, you’ll enjoy a low-maintenance countertop that never needs sealing and is easy to clean with a damp rag or any all-in-one household cleanser.

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