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Elevate Your Space with Enigma Quartz

With a stunning three-dimensional appearance and translucency that is equivalent to authentic marble, Enigma quartz is renowned for its subtle, soft undertones of color and brilliant veining. Enigma continues to be a leader as a producer of the brightest quartz on the market.

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The Unique Fabrication of Enigma

Enigma is manufactured in Germany and goes beyond conventional quartz. Traditionally, quartz that is engineered is composed of 93% silicon oxide and 7% pigments and resins.

Enigma, however, is fabricated with lower silica content to increase durability without sacrificing any of the beauty that stone has. It’s a through-body material that is available in jumbo and original slabs.

Specifically, this new surfacing material is composed of silicon oxide, SiO2, gibbsite, and Al(OH)3. This formulation results in a consistent structure that is crystalline in nature.

The Benefits of Choosing Enigma Quartz

Enigma is one of the most popular purveyors of quartz for many good reasons. If you’re on the fence about why Enigma may be the right choice for you, the following are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose Enigma.

An Expansive Variety of Options

With close to two dozen color and pattern options available, Enigma quartz is perfect for kitchens and baths of any style, color, and motif. From the sinuous black Mask to the bright and airy Dynasty, the selection of colors and vein patterns by Enigma is impressive and exciting.

True Originality

Variations in the natural shape, shade, size, and stone color pattern are inherent, just as with natural stone. These are characteristics that make every piece of Enigma quartz truly unique. If you’re designing a space and want it to stand out as a true original, Enigma is the brand to go with.

Extreme Durability

Enigma quartz is more scratch-resistant than marble, and it is manufactured with high-performance substance- and stain-repellent technology. This revolutionary repellant is called Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, or NEOS for short.

Available for Enigma quartz of all colors and finishes, NEOS brings engineered stone to an all-new level.

Thanks to this technology that was developed for Enigma, the chemical stability of the quartz resists compounds and solutions between pH1 and pH13. This makes the repellant the only one in existence that is resistant to such a broad range of products and chemicals.

A Low- to No-Maintenance Option

Enigma quartz surfaces are completely non-porous, which means that they never need any sealants or waxes. It also means that flavors or substances will never transfer.

In addition, because of its unique fabrication technique and composition, Enigma quartz will retain its shine with proper use for many decades without the need for any polishing agents.

Why Choose Enigma Quartz?

Enigma quartz is unique in its own right and is more durable and damage-resistant than many other types of stone, both engineered and natural. It’s easy to clean, requiring just a soft sponge and water. Easy maintenance means you’ll spend less time stressing over your quartz and more time doing things that really matter.

Enigma is synonymous with robust materials, high-quality standards, custom design superiority, and composition that is always hyper-realistic and natural-looking. Enigma always delivers eye-catching veining and shading options that blend beautifully with the background of any room.

Enigma Quartz In Rye, New York & Bethel, Connecticut

Enigma quartz is known for introducing an element of refinement into homes around the world. These distinctive pieces are available by custom order through Academy Marble & Granite.

We proudly offer Enigma quartz in a wide range of colors that promise unique elegance and an ideal balance of personality and allure. We have two locations to serve you: one in Rye, NY, and the other in Bethel, CT. Our stores contain more than 25,000 square feet of showroom and warehouse space.

Academy Marble & Granite is committed to offering Enigma quartz at competitive prices. Whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea where to begin choosing your options, our team is ready to help you through every stage of the process.

We’re here for you until your new Enigma quartz is delivered and installed — and even after that. See for yourself the difference that Academy Marble & Granite makes. Come and visit us in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, today.